Type 2c Hair: How to Prevent It from Frizz

Perhaps you feel like giving up for your type 2c hair since you have tried many ways to prevent it from the frizz, but none of them seems to work. You have tried to comb it with a wide-tooth, rinse it with cold water and even tried to sleep on a satin pillow but nothing has eliminated frizz from your hair. Don’t worry.

Here we will advise you what to do, and what to use on your type 2c hair so that you can get well-defined curls and eliminate frizz from your hair. Continue reading here for more insights.

  1. Get Enough Moisture.

Loss of curl and frizz can be a symptom of dryness and hair damage. For instance, if you have been using a curling iron for a long time on your 2c hair, you may realise that it gets damaged and dry since this involves getting rid of the pigment and lightening your strands. Once you stop this, you would realise that your hair regains its curly form. So, we would recommend that you seize and habit that damages your hair and opt for ways that give your hair enough moisture. For instance, you can incorporate a deep conditioner into your styling routine at least every two weeks, depending on how dry your locks are.

Another way your hair might be losing moisture is through cleansing. You need to choose a naturally derived conditioner that you can utilise to co-wash condition and during styling. Experts advise that the conditioner should be lightweight and be able to dissolve easily. It is also not recommended to rinse all the conditioner, but to leave some as a leave-in conditioner.

  1. Use Enough Hold.

Sometimes you don’t have to use a leave-in conditioner. With a little hold, you can style your 2c hair waves. Mousses and gel provide the strongest hold, and while some hair stylist will tell you strongholds give your hair a ‘crunch’ like touch, it looks like the stronger holds could work better to fight frizz throughout the day. To apply the mousse or gel, you need to wash your hair and then blot it rather than blow-drying. Then apply your mousse on your palm and then scrunch it into your hair gently to avoid creating frizz or breaking the waves. You may want to experiment to know how much mousse you need in your leave-in conditioner hair. Because you want to eliminate frizz, you would want to apply more mousse than you would apply normally and then allow your locks to dry without interfering with them.

  1. Scrunch Out the Crunch.

After your hair dries out, it will tend to feel a little bit crunchy because you used more styling product than usual. There is no problem with that. Now, what you need to do is to scrunch out the crunchy waves. You can use your fingers to destroy the cast of the product. Again, you should be keen not to destroy the formed curls, which may result in frizz. If you follow this advice, you will prevent frizz.