Use Teeth Whitening Strips to Remove Stains and Get Sparkling White Teeth

Everybody wants a bright white smile. It helps in boosting confidence and encourages a person to smile more in public. Dentists have earned millions with teeth whitening. UK citizens are fond of beer. Due to cold climate, they must drink alcohol or caffeine to keep their body warm.

People have discoloured teeth due to age, smoking, consuming excessive caffeine and alcohol. That is why the demand for UK teeth whitening brands is growing rapidly. Different products will give you different results. However, the most effective and safest method of whitening teeth is getting it done by a professional or a dentist.

If you don’t have time or money to get it done frequently by a dentist, then you can go with products available in the market. One such popular whitening product is teeth whitening strips. They’re commonly used at home. These strips are made by various other manufacturers. The quality of strips depends on the peroxide concentration. It is better to stick to a reputable brand like crest whitening strips manufactured by Proctor & Gamble.

Crest teeth whitening strips were introduced in 2001. The product is a disposable plastic strip that is placed on the teeth. It contains enamel-safe teeth whitening gel which is effective on even heavily stained teeth. It was in 2010, that the #3D range was introduced in the market. This strip is longer and doesn’t slip from teeth like the previous products. Now different manufacturers sell 3D whitening strips in different brand names.

Crest 3D White is also the best-selling whitening strips in the UK. In various parts of the UK and Europe, Crest works as a brand just like Oral-B. Euro White is a reputable distributor that provides a bunch of dental hygiene products. Only those products are put on sale that is safe. Whether it is whitening strips, toothpaste or gel, Euro White sells only those products which they are confident with.

Everyone loves white teeth, and therefore they try all sorts of products and treatments for that confident smile. However, people should know when they require treatment or whitening products. Some products contain harsh chemicals which unknowingly damage our enamel, roots and erode calcium from our teeth. Genetic and environmental factors also play an important role in tooth colour.

Therefore, if you want to replace a tooth or go for teeth whitening, you should know your tooth colour to ensure the line of treatment is according to the tooth colour.

There are four common types of tooth colour –

  • Reddish-brown
  • Reddish yellow
  • Grey
  • Reddish grey

According to the present tooth colour, your dentists will decide the chart that will be suitable after whitening teeth. Of course, you don’t want bleached teeth that can be seen even from a distance. Anyone can make out it is artificial, and therefore you would need something that looks natural, which is the dentist’s job.

Just a slight change of 2 to 3 shades can attract people to your smile. Slow methods are always promising and long-lasting, whereas instant results can be obtained with harsh chemicals, which will show side effects later.