Vaping for beginners: how to use your dry herb vape to the fullest effect

If you’re new to vaping, or have trouble getting the most out of your dry herb vape, then you might be wondering what is the best way to use the darn thing. Luckily, there is a tried-and-tested method that is easy for beginners and anyone who thinks they could be getting more out of their vape.

So, grab your best dry herb vaporizer and try this method out!

  1. Grinding is essential

You should never consider vaping without grinding. Sure, vaporizers can handle whole nuggets, but it’s so much easier and more efficient to vape with a grinded herb. So, be sure to have a decent grinder and work those nuggets down into a finer version before sticking it in your vape!

  1. Pack it

Now that you’ve ground a fine mix, it’s time to pack your vape. Simply take your vaporizer and fill the oven with your finely ground dry herb. If you have a conduction vaporizer, be sure to fill it to the brim before packing it in really tight before repeating the process until the herb is packed tightly at the top.

Hybrid and convection vaporizers work in the opposite way to conduction vapes – they prefer a looser pack. So, fill the vape’s oven with a looser pack, allowing a small mound to form on top. Next, gently press the herb down until it sits alongside the rim.

  1. Turn it on

It’s time to turn on your vape. You typically press the power button five times to turn it on, whilst others may require a long press of the power button or a triple-press. Your vaporizer will come with a manual that will tell you exactly what to do – the above-mentioned is just an idea of how typical vapes work!

  1. Temp time

Choosing the right temperature is probably one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of getting a good vape.

Follow this general guide:

  • Low vaping temps: 187°C & below – this range produces the nicest flavoured vapor and is better for taste than cloudiness. They provide more gentle, easy-going effects. It’s also a good place to start if you’re unsure of the vape’s (or herb’s) intensity.
  • Mid vaping temps: 187°C to 198°C – This is the good in-between point of a low, cruisy smoke and a rather intense hit. Therefore, you get a good smoke from mid-range whilst still enjoying a tasty flavour.
  • High vaping temps: 198°C & above – The flavour starts to really dip here, but the clouds become thick and you will experience some serious effects right from the start. A more heavyweight vape, if you will…
  1. Inhale that herb

Once your vape hits the temperature you’re going for – inhale it! Start slow, taking a relaxed inhale for a good few seconds (seven is ideal!) before exhaling.

  1. Turn off &  clean your vape

Any seasoned vaper will advocate cleaning your vape after use. Start by turning off the vape in the same way you turned it on in the first place before letting it cool down for a minute or so. You don’t have to clean it just yet if you plan to save the remainder for later.

If your herbs have passed their peak, grab your cleaning brush and clean the oven whilst it is still warm. This will simply keep the vape working more efficiently until you undertake your occasional deep clean!

See – it’s that easy! Vaping isn’t something that has to be difficult – it just contains a simple step-by-step process to get the best results every time…