Ways to administer CBD oil


When it comes to buying CBD oil products there are many options that you can choose from. With so many brands in the market dispensing these products, you may be lost on the most appropriate for you. For you to make the right choice, you need to do research and check out reviews to find the brand that perfectly fits you. Most importantly, whatever type of CBD oil product you choose, ensure it has third party results which confirm the contents on the label.

People are different and as such have their likes and dislikes. In trying to address the needs of consumers, brands are offering a wide range of CBD oil products. This article seeks to explain the different ways of taking CBD oil


Many people prefer using tinctures. With concentrates, they are reliable pure CBD oil applications. This is because manufacturers don’t do separate processing and sometimes they add some flavor. To reap the benefits, put some drops on or under the tongue and allow it to settle for a few minutes before swallowing. Spilled drops can be messy and therefore you need to be careful when handling it.


The concentrates are known for their high concentration of CBD compared to other products in the market. Like the tinctures, it would take you less time to consume and the chances of getting messy with it are minimal. The only challenge with concentrates is that they are not flavored and this is a deal-breaker for some people. Concentrates are popular with busy people who want to get more of CBD in the product. Place the concentrate under your tongue and allow it to dissolve slowly.


CBD capsules are easy to use as a daily dietary supplement. The capsules contain a range of 10-25mg of CBD and this makes it easier to track the intake. To better adjust your daily serving size, it is advisable that you use the capsules alongside the tinctures or concentrates. Just like you do for any other medicine, CBD capsules are taken with water in your daily regimen. 



Companies are now coming up with more ways of administering CBD oil like lotions, lip balms and such. These are very effective in dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, anti-aging, and cancer treatment among many. When choosing topicals, check the label and confirm that the product uses nanotechnology or micellization of CBD. This tells you that the concentrate has the potential to carry the CBD elements to the dermal layers of the skin and thus effective. CBD infused topical can be used just like any other care products.


Among the many CBD oil types in the market today, sprays are arguably the weakest in concentration. The range is between 1-3mg. Again, it is not easy to tell the exact dosage taken per day because of their inconsistency. However, despite their less effect, they are easy to carry around and thus the most popular.

As explained above, different CBD products vary in their concentration. The choice of the type of CBD product will depend on the effectiveness and personal expectation. If you just need a mild concentration of CBD, then you may go for spray and if you need a type that is easy to take and quite effective, then the tincture could be your best option.