What Actually Causes The Keratoconus? This information will change your life

Cornea, the paramount and prominent part of our eye through which we see. It is like a windshield and clear outer lens. Without this, we can’t see. It has a dome-like shape, but some time it bulges out or downward. It is used to retain the shape of the retina specialist of the eye. When it is bulging, this is known as Keratoconus. The medical science has found some evidence that leads us to a common ground, but some causes are still hidden and not yet proved. Add to this,

Few causes of Keratoconus are highlighted

Weakening of collagens 

First and foremost, the reason for Keratoconus is weakening of collagens in the eye, these are fibres of protein and their duty is to hold the cornea in place. When these natural collagens are weakening, they become unable to hold the shape of the cornea. The deformation of shape into a cone-like shape is a threat to the eyesight.

Reduction in antioxidants

The second major cause of Keratoconus is the depreciating of antioxidants present in the cornea section. Sometimes, the amount of antioxidants that are present in the cornea mitigates and cornea cells produce damaging products. Such by-products are same as exhaust come out from a car. Antioxidants fight with such harmful products and balance the situation. Contrary to this, if somehow the level of antioxidants mitigates this low level of antioxidants is an alarming situation; eventually, collagen gets fragile and weakens. And this deforms the cornea, so a reduction in oxidant is another major cause of Keratoconus.

In heredity

The third cause of the disease is factual but straightforward. It is inherent and flows among families. If someone is suffering through this, then it is advised to get regular checkups for the kids. As this travels in the families, kids might be a victim of this.

Furthermore, under 10-year kids are more associated with this and by proper treatment at this age, symptoms and effects could be mitigated and controlled up to some extent. Puny and fragile health or person that is suffering through other medical problems are more victim of Keratoconus. People with adverse allergic conditions, work like a magnet, and it is also associated with chronic eye rubbing.

Age factors

The fourth cause is by age. It has different effects, impacts, and intensities with different age group people. It is most common and initiated in teenage. It is the reason, the majority of kids found the victims.

Additionally, it is found in teenage but victims are found till the age of 30. Even after 30, there are a few numbers of cases found, but these are minor and rare. So, it varies with age but most commonly found in the teenage.

Footprints throughout the life

The next cause is the deformation of the shape because of the streaking of lights. The velocity of cornea deformation has two variants, one is quick deformation, and the other is prolonged. Both are critical and leads to the eyesight issue. It causes the blur vision, halos, and glare in the night vision, and lights are streaking while driving. The effects are not predictable, sometimes these are very quick, but in a few cases, it is found to be mitigated. That’s why the prediction is not easy, and it is always threating. Its impact is not limited to the one eye; it affects both eyes at the same time. However, the intensity of both eyes could be different in comparison. Its footprints are found; its inaugurated from the first eye and eventually moves to the second eye.

The myth of unknown causes

Another perception and myth about the Keratoconus causes are obscure. Yes, most of the examiner didn’t find the precise and perfect reason behind this. Although few think it is genetic, some say it is environmental and ret of the people think it is allergic. So, 1 out of 10 people with this disease is found whose parents were also victimized by Keratoconus.

Hormonal Causes

It is a hidden part of the disease; it is also not approved yet. This simple hypothesis is based on assumptions. According to this hypothesis, the endocrine system causes this. The main reason behind this hypothesis is generally known and accepted principle. According to this, Keratoconus is first time found at puberty and growth during pregnancy. This controversial theory has not been approved yet. So, relying only on this hypothesis may lead to complexities. However, this is still a grey area.

Causes of Keratoconus are not limitless and could be anyone. Because sometimes, visibility of the symptoms is quick or sometimes decades are required to be visible. Hence, the above-mentioned causes are the top of the list and most commonly found in victims. However, treatment and surgeries are found to be successful and mitigate the impacts of the eyes.