What are some effective pain management strategies?

How should you deal with pain? We face pain in some part of the body very often. You should know the right types of products at Exhale Store to manage pain effectively. Follow the below-mentioned strategies to treat your pain.

Heat treatment:  Did you expend a lot of energy lifting heavyweights? Then you must be experiencing severe back pain. Heat therapy can help in such times. Applying heat to the affected area can help you to be relieved from pain. The heat helps to relax the muscles and when this happens, your pain subsides. A variety of heat pads are available in the market. You have the electric heat pad too. Heat in the form of light (IR) can also be applied to the affected part. One thing to take care of is not to apply heat pads directly on bare skin else it may burn your skin.

Cold treatment: Pain can also be reduced by the application of cold packs. But the situations where heat and cold are applied are different and it is essential to understand the difference. Cold packs are applied to swelling. Cold helps to numb the area and reduce pain. If you sprain your ankle you should immediately apply ice to reduce the pain. Keeping a gel pack in the freezer ready can be a savior. A sudden sprain or swelling due to a heavy workout can be immediately treated by application of cold. This can save you till the time you reach the ortho.

Massage: This can be another pain relief method. A massage can be painful in the beginning but once the affected muscles are relaxed you will start to feel comfortable. A massage session can be very relaxing once your muscles start to feel free. If you are feeling stressed out, you can opt for a massage session.

Topical ointments: This is the immediate treatment that many of us resort to. Many pain-relieving ointments are available over the counter. Generally, most of us stock up pain killer ointments at home. But there are many varieties with different ingredients available. So before using you should be sure of the specific usage of the lotion.

Rollers for pain treatment: Many kinds of rollers are available for the treatment of muscle pain. Rolling over the painful area can be really effective and soothing. The rollers can be ball-shaped or foam rollers. When the muscles are warm and tired the rollers can help in calming them.