What to Expect When you Start Practicing Krav Maga?

The idea is that your first workout should not be daunting. On the contrary, it should be an exciting adventure that will challenge you both physically and mentally. In your first workout, you will work at the intensity that suits you best. The instructor will devote considerably more time to you than to the other participants, to make sure you understand the techniques / topic and to ensure that you feel comfortable and relieved. And above all, safe. Security is always and absolutely in the first place.  North York krav maga classesare the best in the area.

Whether it’s your first or five hundredth training. Proper preparation and gradual integration into training is the key to making you feel safe, instead of scared or in any way restrained. But as soon as you feel free enough, you will be fully engaged in training, including simulations and drills.

Well, maybe it would be right at the first training session. If you feel you are ready for it. And if the instructor thinks you are ready. Because, remember, safety always comes first.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to train and try everything immediately. If some things are difficult or seem out of hand, your instructor will encourage you and be with you all the time. Even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. Because the feeling afterwards is fantastic and unmatched.

Training structure

Krav Maga syllabus covers a very wide field and an even greater number of techniques. Mechanics of kicks, defense against choking, strangulation, threatening with a knife, knife attack, stick attack, stone attack, defense against grasping, throwing, holding, defense issues, field of combat tactics, martial arts, attack prevention, conflict de-escalation and so on. Although the techniques are repeated, the workouts themselves are not recycled. Every training session is a whole new experience.

Training begins less standard, that is, you start with the stretching exercises that should prepare us for training activity and more importantly eliminate the possibility of injury. Each of the training sessions is one specific lesson. At each training session, they test and provide a solution to a particular attack or series of related attacks that can be experienced on the street. After explaining the attacks and problems, instructors demonstrate the technique and explain the elements and parts of the technique and emphasize the principles. Then, the students practice the techniques under increasingly challenging conditions. Lastly, new skills are tested under challenging and intense conditions that best mimic the violence and stress of a real street attack. Because that’s what makes Krav Maga different. Real solutions that work under real conditions. But without breaking the safety of the lesson. So, in controlled conditions. The instructors are there and constantly monitor the practitioners. They direct. They correct. They help. They do not exercise with you in training because it is their job to train you.

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