When Will The Ringing In My Ears Go Away?

Have your ears started to ring lately? Are you wondering when it will stop.Tinnitus or ear ringing can be very problematic. When there’s a constant hissing, ticking or tone like noise in one or both of your ears, it can greatly affect your concentration and focus. You become more irritable, anxious, frustrated and even angry as to why you are suffering from this sudden condition. These are all very normal feelings. First of all, please know that Tinnitus is quite a common condition. It is estimated that almost 50 Million Americans have Tinnitus. that comes and goes. Thankfully, only about 5 million will experience a worsening of their Tinnitus to a level where it begins to affect their quality of life. In most cases however, Tinnitus can be ignored and might even go away after a few days or weeks. If you think your Tinnitus is going away, watch out for these telltale signs that Tinnitus is going away. 

Below, we have given you some estimates of when your Tinnitus will go away, depending on what caused it.

Loud noise – It is very common for people to have a ringing in their ears after attending a loud concert. If you stood against the speaker wall and woke up with ringing in the ears the day after, there’s a good chance that Tinnitus will go away in about 24 to 48 hours. The sooner it goes away, the more likely that it will not come back in the future. For most people, Tinnitus caused by loud noise lasts just minutes to hours after exposure to loud noise.

Ear wax – If ear wax accumulation is causing your Tinnitus, having it removed will provide almost immediate relief. Notice how we said have your ear wax removed and not remove it yourself. It’s because ear wax removal needs to be done precisely and with care. An ENT clinic has specialized equipment that will easily remove hardened ear wax without damaging your eardrum. Q- Tips should be avoided.

Jaw problems – A misaligned jaw can also cause Tinnitus. If you had an injury or fall or some harm that affected your jaw, it can cause Tinnitus. This happens because there’s a ligament that runs from your jaw to your ears. When this ligament is stretched or damaged, it can cause structures in the ear cavity to come under strain, then causing Tinnitus. Waiting for the injury to heal or going to a chiropractor will allow your Tinnitus to resolve, as soon as your jaw resolves.

Ear infections – Sometimes, Tinnitus can be caused by ear infections such as swimmer’s ear. In such cases, the ringing in your ears can resolve after this infection passes, either with time or because of the use of antibiotics.