Why renting RO water purifier is beneficial in the long-run

Technology is playing a key role in transforming our day to day lives. Along with convenience, it has provided a platform to new age businesses to implement innovative business models. Who would have thought a few years back that you would be able to shop a majority of things online e.g. clothing, footwear, accessories, vegetables, fruits, etc. Though technology has brought convenience in our lives; many people have become more lethargic due to excessive usage of technology (particularly mobile).

Many people even tend to forget that consumption of healthy food, breathing fresh air, and consumption of pure drinking water is still necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Technology is nothing but an enabler in our life. The old saying ‘Health is Wealth’ still applies in today’s times and it would never get old. Very rarely do we think about the long term implications of eating or consuming unhealthy. How many times have you thought about the quality of water when consuming from water jars/cans being sold in shops? You are under the impression that quality is guaranteed since you are paying a decent price for the water can. But the might not be trueL.

Timely water consumption is important since our 60% of the human body constitutes of water. You may feel tired and dehydrated if you don’t consume water regularly. Though there is an option to purchase packaged drinking water, it is always advisable to carry a bottle of water from water purifier since you are sure about the purity of the water that you intake. However, you cannot follow this protocol if you have moved to a new city or on frequent travel.

You might have noticed that taste of water differs from city to city; the reason is the variable amount of chlorine and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of the water being supplied in that area/city. RO water purifiers, UV water purifiers, or RO-UV water purifiers are useful to eliminate the harmful ingredients present in water. RO water purifier in India is particularly useful since it is based on advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration technique.

In Reverse Osmosis, a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove the impurities present in the water. Since the water goes through multiple phases of water filtration, the result of RO purification is safe & healthy drinking water. RO water purifiers may not cost a huge amount of money but involve a recursive cost that goes in the maintenance of the unit.

Want to enjoy RO purified water but do not want to bear the repetitive costs? The answer is Livpure Smart from the brand Livpure that provides RO water purifiers on rent. It works on the traditional pay-per-use model which is widely followed by SAAS (Software as a Service) companies. We have already looked at the monetary benefits advantages to rent an RO water purifier however there are many other benefits of renting an RO water purifier. It is a smart way of solving a problem for the gen-next generation. You can now use Livpure RO water purifier with zero buying cost. Renting an RO water purifier is ideal for people who are staying in rented places, people who are shifting to a new city for job/studies, or for some (families or individuals) who do not want to invest in an RO water purifier due to additional overhead costs.

Livpure RO water purifier is IoT (Internet of Things) enabled which means that you can monitor the consumption and purity levels of water using a mobile application. Hence, the RO water purifier comes at zero cost & zero maintenance and you only pay for the water that you consumed. This market is quite big and the model is particularly addressing the changing needs of today’s customers. Livpure Smart has four different plans

  • Silver plan (starts at Rs. 350)
  • Gold plan (starts at Rs. 450)
  • Platinum plan (starts at Rs. 550)
  • Titanium Plan (starts at Rs. 650)

Nowadays, many people want to invest in experiencesdue to which the companies areleveraging the ‘rent economy’ model to solve business problems. Renting an RO water purifier is a step in the right direction.

Have you ever rented a water purifier? Do leave your experience in the comments section…