Crooked teeth, chipped teeth, odd-shaped teeth, teeth with cavities, disproportionately bigger or smaller teeth, or teeth with some odd appearance are very common dental problems. Porcelain Veneers Toronto is the most common solution to the irregularities in the teeth’s shape and sizes. Getting porcelain veneers can help to fix the issues and make your smile more pleasing and bright. This, in turn, can help to increase your self-confidence. The porcelain veneers are extremely thin and flat. They are customized shells which are of the color of your tooth. These are then placed on the front surface of your teeth. This placement of the veneers can drastically change your teeth’ appearance by giving them their needed shape, color, and size.

What happens when the porcelain veneers get damaged?

Once the porcelain veneers get fixed, it doesn’t mean that they are prone to damage. Just like porcelain, in general, is susceptible to chipping, cracking, and fracturing. The veneers are also vulnerable to it if they aren’t taken care of. Once the veneer gets chipped, cracked, or fractured, there is no way of repairing them. The only thing that can be done is to remove them. The process of fixing porcelain veneers makes the fixing permanent and irreversible. So in case if the veneers do get damaged, then the only way to solve the problem is by removing them and replacing them. This is the only way to go about fixing the damaged veneers.

When would you be asked to get your porcelain veneers removed?

There are two main reasons why you might have to undergo the removal of your porcelain veneers. The first leading cause for removal is structure refurbishing. If your porcelain veneers have lost their original shape, color and are becoming worn out, it is high time that you considered replacing them. Once the porcelain veneer starts to chip, discolor, or even crack, they fail to serve their purpose and need immediate replacement. The second leading cause for removal would be damaged veneers. If the porcelain veneer has been damaged, then it is time for you to get them replaced.

How to take care of the porcelain veneers and keep them intact?

The thought of damaged veneers leading to the process of removal and getting new veneers fixed can sound a bit scary. It doesn’t only impact your time but can also be a costly affair. It is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect and keep your porcelain veneers intact and in shape. You need to take necessary measures which will help them to retain their original shape, color, and size and make them last longer. Brushing and flossing your teeth is a post. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste that has non-abrasive fluoride in it. This will not only protect your porcelain veneers but will also help to keep your gums strong and healthy. Taking care of your veneers is not just limited to these habits.