Your Hot Flushes Are Probably The Sign Of Menopause

If you are experiencing sudden heat waves, you may be experiencing hot flushes which are one of the menopause symptoms. This change, along with other menopause symptoms, can be quite unpleasant, especially in the beginning when a woman is not used to those changes.


Menopause hits in midlife, around the age of 50. It is a time when in woman’s body are happening big changes. Hormones start to vary as the ovaries begin to work less, and at some point, their function stops completely. These hormones are estrogen and progesterone. In the beginning, the level varies and with this, the menopause symptoms appear.

Menopause appears around the age of 50

When ovaries stop to work, hormones are not produced anymore. This manifest itself as a change in the menstrual circle. Menstruation starts to be irregular, meaning that you can have it one month and then don’t have it for a few months, and you will also notice changes in quantity in bleeding. Menstruation will stop in one moment.

Sometimes, women are not sure if the changes that they are experiencing are coming from menopause, so it will be good to check that with your doctor. One of the places in Australia where you can do that is the Australian Menopause Centre as the professional doctors work there and they will do necessary tests which will show if you are in the menopause.

Usually, in medical terms, you are in menopause one year after the menopause stops, but sometimes some health issues can affect the menstruation circle and it will be best to consult with your doctor.

Hot flushes

Hot flushes can appear during any time of the day and night. They come suddenly and last for a couple of minutes. You can get sweaty and red, especially on the chests, neck, and face where the hot flushes are most intense.  From those areas, hot flushes are expanding on the whole body and if they appear during the night, you can experience a lot of sweat.

Hot flushes can be reduced

Besides the main cause of hot flushes, menopause, there are some other causes which easily trigger hot flushes. Those are usually spicy food, caffeine, hot rooms, smoking. If you link hot flushes with some of these things, you can reduce the appearance of hot flushes by cutting the food or drink which will trigger it.

Today, there are very effective menopause remedies that can help you to deal with hot flushes. They are prescribed by the professional doctor, and you can turn to specialized clinics to make a consultation. If you live in Australia, the menopause hot flushes from the Australian Menopause Centre can be a great option for you, so you can start with your natural treatment.

Final word

Big changes in life always put our body in some unbalanced state, and that is also the story with the menopause. Knowing what is happening and how can you reduce the symptoms will affect your life to be much better.