4 Effective Saffron Skin Care Treatments

Saffron is a legendary spice that is known to have various benefits for your skin. Aside from its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help fight acne, it can also lighten scars and dark spots, as well as reduce pigmentation. Because of these benefits of saffron for your skin, make sure that you include this amazing red spice in your skincare treatment.

Bath Salts

One of the primary ways of including saffron in your skincare treatment is by infusing your bath salt with it. In this way, as your pores open up while you take a hot bath, your body can absorb the healing properties of saffron. In this case, all you need are some saffron strands together with some dried bay leaves, combined with half a cup of Dead Sea salt and sesame seeds. From there, you can add your favourite essential oils but make sure to let your bath salt sit for at least a couple of days before you use it.

Facial Steam

More often than not, skin issues such as acne are caused by clogged pores. This is the reason why facial steam that can open up your pores is one of the best solutions to help address your skin troubles. Fortunately, saffron is the kind of spice that is also effective in getting unwanted particles out of your pores. In this case, you should infuse saffron with lavender to balance the stimulating effect of the former with the healing effect of the latter. Saffron and lavender facial steam done once every week will already do wonders for your skin.

Body Oil

You can also infuse dried saffron in your body oil, which makes it all the more effective in retaining the moisture in your skin. To come up with your own saffron body oil, just pick your favourite carrier oil, such as sunflower oil. Add some dried arnica flowers and dried saffron in it and wait until the herbs expand. The great part is that this body oil is even effective in alleviating cramps, particularly during your period.


There is also the option for you to create a facial mask using the tiny threads of saffron combined with some banana and real raw honey that you can buy from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company. This facial pack will allow you to gently exfoliate your skin without irritating it. Just keep in mind to perform a spot test first to ensure that you have no allergies to this legendary spice. As soon as you create the consistency that you are comfortable with when you blend all the ingredients, apply the mask directly after you wash your face and wait for a few minutes for it to dry before you rinse it off.

To wrap things up, the skincare treatments listed above are only some of the ways on how you will be able to incorporate saffron in your beauty ritual. There are several other ways on how you will be able to reap the benefits of saffron, not only for your skin but for your overall health as well. Thus, make sure to take advantage of what saffron can give you by making it part of your daily routine.