Peptide Chains – How They Help Prolong Human Life

Changing climatic conditions have affected the health of people in today’s world. As a result, it has become quite rare that people aged 60, 70, and above are still surviving with excellent health conditions.

Many experiments and researches are done all around the globe to understand the ways of prolonging one’s life, after a person reaches their 35 years of age. The results have proven that there are almost 40% chances of increasing one’s shelf life for more than 40 years and many proteins can contribute to this factor.

Longevity of Human Life

Normally, the longevity of human life is described based on two factors.

  • Epigenetics
  • Genetics

Other factors that also contribute in the longevity of human life include:

  1. Timely medical care
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Following a healthy diet and proper biorhythm

It is a well-known fact that proteins are the building blocks of the amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for the regulation of gene activity in the human body. The way with which gene activity is regulated by amino acids will in turn control protein synthesis in the body, since amino acids are just made of proteins.

With this in mind, the prolonging capacity of a human body can be enhanced by knowing their basic genetic system. By understanding one’s gene pool, you can understand the possible diseases that may occur in an individual in their future years. This will in-turn help a person to come up with necessary countermeasures for the possible ailments that a person may or may not suffer from, in their future days. As a result, this will prolong one’s life.


Peptides are actually known for exhibiting a powerful pharmacology, which can never be mimicked in any other way. They are normally used as therapeutic supplements for many ailments. However, they do have their own drawbacks. The drawbacks of the peptides can only be replaced with the help of some injections.

There are actually two different categories in the world of proteins such as:

  • Small molecules
  • Larger injectable biologics

Peptides come under the special category of proteins that are considered as the middle ground category of proteins. The supplements that come under the middle ground protein category will have the characteristic features of both the larger injectable biologics and small molecules. One of such peptides that are best known for increasing the shelf-life of people is epitalon peptide.

Nowadays, the bioengineers have started modifying the working mechanism of the peptide chains in such a way that they can compensate for their drawbacks. This process of modification of peptides is known as PEGylation.


It is a process wherein the reactive side chains of a peptide or protein bond will be attached with polyethylene glycol chains. With the help of this technology, many modifications are being made in the peptide chains, so that the resulting compounds can become an excellent guide in treating the possible ailments that a person might suffer from, in the future days.

The type of modifications that are made in the peptide bonds will be continued, as new protein chains are formed in the process. Each step is named as First, Second and Third Generations in PEGylation respectively. The improvement in technology has made it possible for easy PEGylation and all thanks to the newer techniques and options available in the world of genetics.

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NOTE: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Peptides are for laboratory research purposes only and not for human consumption.