4 Tips To Prevent Migraines

Nobody likes a headache, but for many Americans, the condition can be utterly debilitating. Migraine headaches afflict more than 36 million Americans, oftentimes leaving them unable to accomplish simple everyday tasks. Migraines are regularly accompanied by nausea, throbbing pain and extreme sensitivity to light and sounds. While a cure has yet to be discovered, there are several steps an individual can take to prevent migraines.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the leading cause of migraines. It’s difficult to entirely remove stress from one’s life, but individuals can find ways to deal with it more successfully. Exercise, meditation, prayer and relaxation breaks are some effective ways of confronting stress.

Seek Treatment

Severe and persistent migraine symptoms lead many to visit hospitals and doctors’ offices for help with the condition. Some prescription medicines, especially drugs called triptans, have provided relief for many patients. Other forms of medical care have proven useful for individuals seeking migraine treatment Wellington or elsewhere in the country.

Avoid Food Triggers

Chocolate and red wine may be delicious, but both are known to potentially initiate headaches. Staying away from sweets and caffeinated beverages will help reduce the risk of getting a migraine. Processed meats, dairy products, eggs, onions and citrus fruits also may trigger headaches.

Safeguard Senses

Bright lights and loud noises not only exacerbate the symptoms of a migraine, but they also stimulate the senses and can trigger an attack. Like stress, lights and sounds can be difficult to cut out of life, but there are ways to reduce their impact. Individuals can lessen these effects by limiting screen time and taking regular breaks to rest their eyes. They can also refrain from driving at night when there are flashing lights or avoid situations like movie theaters and noisy nightclubs if these places have adverse effects on their health.

Migraines can stop people in their tracks, so they should try to prevent headaches from occurring in the first place. Following these tips will help reduce the risk.