5 Steps to Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged or twisted veins that usually develop in the legs. They can be a significant source of discomfort in the body, and they are also visually unappealing.  They are more common than you might think, affecting a considerable amount of the adult population. They aren’t a deadly diagnosis, yet you can take some preventable measures to keep them from forming.

Even with proper lifestyle, it still might be necessary for you to visit a vein doctor. However, here are a few actionable steps to take to help reduce the risk.

Avoid Prolonged Standing

If you’re standing for multiple hours a day, your chances of developing varicose veins become elevated. Standing makes it more difficult for your body to have proper blow flood because it is working against gravity. Be mindful of how much time you’re standing and vary the positions when you’re sitting as well.

Get Active

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to avoid varicose veins. Obesity can be a leading contributor to developing varicose veins because of the amount of pressure and strain on your body.

Also, avoid foods with elevated sodium levels because they hold water that could lead to swelling in the legs. If you do nothing else, walking daily for 30 minutes will go a long way.

Wear Loose Clothing

Your blood flow will become restricted when you wear tight clothes. If you do wear them for exercise, don’t stay in the clothes for extended periods. Also, women should watch the amount of time they spend in high-heels and opt for flat shoes instead.

Elevate The Legs Throughout The Day

Another way to improve circulation in the legs is to elevate them. The amount of pressure in the leg’s veins will significantly be reduced, and blood will flow more smoothly. For extended periods of sitting, make sure to elevate the legs.

Change It Up

A good rule of thumb is to never stay in one placement for too long. Become aware if you’re standing or sitting in the same position. Preventing varicose veins is more likely if you’re aware of this concept.