Dutch Farm Organics


Dutch Farms Organics LLC was founded in March of 2010 around the basis of helping legal, medical marijuana patients in California to ease their agony through the consumption and application of their holistically infused medical class cannabis balms and glycerin-based tinctures.

The demand for these life-changing solutions started from the personal requests to DFO by their current patient base. The medical marijuana industry as a whole has benefited immensely from the use and quality of this medicine.

The mixture healing effects of the Tinctures are derived from the full spectrum of molecules found in hemp/cannabis and several other potent healing herbs.

Research has repeatedly shown that the sufficient spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and various other components of hemp/cannabis; work 100-times better together as a group rather than they do as an individual. The body has its limits on to how much it can absorb of any given substance at a time. However it makes little sense to overload a development with vast amounts of any one molecule such as THC, CBD, CBN or any other active compounds found in plants. 

An example of further understandings of what this product can do is used with a sports analogy. Without the support of a well balanced team, even a star player can only do so much against an opposing force. As with molecules and humans alike, teamwork makes the dream work. Based upon the key principles of botanical medicines, it’s the essence of the plant that’s in these tinctures.

“Ease your patient’s distressed by contacting Dutch Farms Organics LLC today and gives your patients a new outlook on life!”