6 question doctors ask when providing the best treatment for alcohol abuse


 Only by understanding the alcoholic better the best treatment for alcohol abuse can be obtained. So your doctor always asks you about your personal life and behavior to give you the perfect remedy.

Alcohol addiction can affect your life, both physically and emotionally. It does not allow you to move forward in life. So it is essential to go through the treatment to get free of addiction.

Questions relating to addiction

 Here are some of the questions that your doctor might ask:

Question 1: How many times a day, you have a drink containing liquor on an average day?

Doctors can judge your condition by knowing the amount of alcohol you regularly consume, even when there is no occasion at all. They give you points according to the count of drinks and prepare the best treatment for alcohol abuse. These points determine the amount of alcohol you consume, where zero is the lowest and four is the highest.

  • Zero-point denotes- one or two drinks.
  • One point indicates- three or four drinks.
  • Two points mean- five or six drinks.
  • Three points suggest- seven to eight drinks. 
  • Four points denote- ten or more drinks.

Question 2: How often do you consume six or more drinks if female and eight or more if male, in a single day?

Every person has a different capacity for consuming alcohol. But with time and regular consumption, you get used to drinks. Thus require a larger quantity to get high. If you are consuming a larger amount, it’s wrong and indicates that you are an addict.

The doctor will give you points to check your addiction level to provide you with the best alcohol abuse treatment. The pointing system is as follows:

  • Zero-point denotes- Never.
  • One point indicates- less than monthly.
  • Two points mean- monthly. 
  • Three points say- weekly.
  • Four points represent- almost daily.

Question 3: Have you ever hurt someone else or yourself because of your drinking?

This stage can be critical as you have come to a position that you are starting to hurt yourself or someone else because of your drinking habit.

It shows the emergency of going through the treatment as soon as possible. It would help if you never hid such situations with your doctor as the doctor can help you with these conditions.

  • Zero-point denotes- never
  • Two points mean- Yes, but in the previous years.
  • Four points represent- Yes, during the recent year.

Question 4: How often do you feel depressed or anxious?

Alcohol can affect your mental health to a large extent. It makes you stressed and anxious when you are not drinking. This feeling can pressurize you to drink again and again. Mental health can tell a lot about your addiction problem. For the best treatment for alcohol abuse, make your doctor understand your problem.

The doctor can help you to recover your mental health also. Try to share as much personal case as you can with the doctor to understand how you feel. 

Question 5: Have you ever forgotten time and things you have done because you had been drinking alcohol?

Liquor can hamper your nervous system, which is why you cannot remember things that you might have done. These situations can be dangerous not only for you but for others too. Ask for help from your doctor; they can provide you with the best treatment for alcohol abuse for treating the problem.


Question 6: Are you experiencing any health problems?

By knowing about your health issue and their cause, the doctor can understand what medications can be given. Share with your doctor if you are feeling tired or getting sick often than before. Alcohol can make you think lethargic it is experienced by many addicts.


Do not hide anything from your doctor or twist your answer because the doctors are for help, not for judging. If you want to recover fast, start with the first step today! You can know more by clicking the link https://alcoholaddictionresource.com/.