7 Amazing benefits of reformer pilates

Since its introduction in the 1920s, Pilate has come up with a long journey. It has become a household name and is the most preferred form of workout for people of all ages. A more recent and upgraded version of pilates is the reformer pilates. It is ideal for those who are bored with the traditional mat pilates workout and are willing to challenge and push their limits a little further. It is performed with the help of a reformer machine that strengthens and completely reforms your body, hence the name reformer pilates. It is a great way to improve control, breathing, centering, and flow in your body. The reformer machine is a system comprising a carriage, strings, pulleys, and ropes. It allows you to work on each of your body parts and develop both physical and mental strength. Here are some benefits you can draw from reformer Pilates.


  • It works on full body


The traditional pilate is known for its effectiveness in building core strength. But, the reformer pilate works on the entire body as hard and effectively as it works for your core. It engages all your body muscles including legs, arms, shoulders, and abdomen. In addition to getting steel strong abs, you get a fully toned body. 


  • It is a low-impact workout with benefits of high intensity


While working hard on your body, the reformer pilate machines facilitate movements with the help of straps, springs, and carriage. Your movements are done on a horizontal plane carriage that takes plenty of pressure off your ankle and knee joints. This reduces the straining impact and makes it possible for injured to workout easily.


  • It makes your muscles strong and well-tones


The springs in the reformer machine provide resistance and let you stretch, pull, and push without rushing to the free weights. The level of resistance can be adjusted to suit your requirements. These movements help you grow muscle mass and develop strength in your muscles.


  • It can do wonders for athletes


Reformer Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise that provides a comprehensive workout for athletes. It helps you build both strength and stamina. It can significantly improve your body balance and coordination that can take your performance to another level. With better strength, endurance, and balance, athletes can gain a competitive edge that is vital for success in their respective sports.


  • It can be done even during pregnancy


Exercising during pregnancy is crucial. Reformer Pilates is a low-impact workout that is suitable for pregnant women with swollen joints and weaker balance. It can significantly reduce back pain by strengthening the core. The pelvic exercises on the reformer help in childbirth and develop a core that helps in regaining proper body shape post-pregnancy.


  • It improves balance and concentration


Similar to yoga and meditation, reformer pilate give a lot of emphasis on breath control. You need to focus on your breathing to ensure maximum benefits of the workout. This helps keep your mind calm and ensures a rhythmic flow of blood and oxygen in your body. By doing so, it reduces stress and improves your concentration and body-balance.


  • It enhances core strength and improves posture


While you are working on your core on a reformer, it is not only building abs but also improving your posture. It aids in reinstating the alignment and balance of your body that can be a cause of numerous health issues.