A brief knowledge regarding the growth of cannabis for beginners

If you are thinking of growing a plant in your home then this article can help you a lot. You can enjoy growing cannabis plant in your home as this way can control over the nutrition and growth of the plant. For that you need to have high quality seeds of the type of plant you want to grow. Weed and cannabis seeds can be ordered online or they can also be purchased from a dispensary but you need to have better understanding of them in order to do so.

Types of cannabis plant

There are three types of cannabis plants, male, female and hermaphrodites. The seed gets generated after the fertilization, when male plant pollinates the female plant. Male plant’s flower has pollen grains where the flower of female plant is seedless. Most of the marijuana that is consumed by people comes from the female cannabis plant. On the other hand, there are some hermaphrodites cannabis plants grown which have both the types of flowers and hence they can self-pollinate themselves. No matter what type of plant it is but it drops the fertilized or mature seeds on the ground and from them new plant grows.


Male or female plants can be identified by noticing their growth mainly during the pre-flowering stage. When the buds get formed on the female, white hairs can be seen near and around the buds. These hair will start turning red or orange as the bud matures into the flower. Male plants flowers have pollen sac. There are no sign of pistil hairs in these plants. You need to grow female plant at a distance from the make plant as the male plant can pollinate the female plant in its developing stage. This can prevent the full growth of flower in the female plant. For successful growth, you need to prevent early pollination.

Grow from the clone

You can also grow cannabis plant from the clone. A clone is a part which is cut from the plant and rooted into the soil. The plant grows that ways also but it doesn’t grow into a healthy plant as it grows from the seed. Plant that is grown from the clone is not much nutritious as it has less roots which do not absorb much water and nutrition from the soil. A plant that is grown from the seeds develops tap roots which ensures the healthiest plant.

Types of seeds

There are three types of cannabis seeds available in the market which are:

Regular cannabis seeds: These seeds are pure seeds which are not chemically treated and altered. They are entirely natural. Plants can easily be grown out of them. You might get female plant or male plant grown out of them. There are 50-50 chances with these seeds.

Feminized seeds: You can only grow female plants out of these seeds. These types of seeds can be produced by spraying the plant either with gibberellic acid or colloidal silver. The process is known as rodelization.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds: From these seeds the plants that are grown automatically start their flower cycle once they become of age. There is no need of exposure of sunlight to them. If you are beginner then these seeds are ideal for you to buy.