Types of strains you can plant in your home

The popularity of cannabis is rising rapidly among the people due to its healing capability in the medical field. No matter it is chronic pain or anxiety issue it is helpful in many ways. The best thing about these marijuana plants is that it can be grown anywhere with different climates and verifying conditions. Looking to such advantages most people have turned their garden into a marijuana field. For that you don’t need to do any special preparation if you are also looking for marijuana gardening. You only need to select the right quality marijuana seeds and provide nutrient-water solution to the plant instead of nutrient rich soil.

Different cannabis strains

Charlotte’s Web

It is one of the common cannabis strains used in the medical industry due to its numerous benefits. This can be given to the children suffering from severe seizures and cannot be controlled by other medication procedures. The cannabis is filled with high CBD and negligible THC so it doesn’t tend to give high feeling after the consumption. The best point of this cannabis strain is that it can survive in any type of season till it is getting required nutrient via water.

Jack Herer

This strain is named after the famous marijuana legalization activist and is known as one of the hybrid species. The best thing about this strain is that it can be used daily because it does not have harmful compound that can take you high. Moreover, it also helps in energizing your body and also helps in getting relief from paining sensation no matter it is chronic or minute. If you are willing to plant this in your garden then you can find its seed in many authorized stores like SleepRelief at a reasonable cost.

Girls Scout Cookies

This is another hybrid plant loaded with perfect combination of Durban poison and OG Kush and highly used in medical industry. This help in offering high sativa with energetic feature along with relaxing the body. If you are suffering from chronic pain or nausea then you must have this plant in your garden. The best part of this plant is that it needs lesser water in comparison to others. But the water should be nutrient rich.

Blue Dream

This strain is another popular one in the medical field and has a number of health benefits. The strain works very efficiently in giving relaxation to your body in comparison to others. But the thing is that it can take your cerebral high so you should always take it in a limited quantity. In addition it can also help in various mental conditions like anxiety, depression stress and several others.


This is one of the most striking cannabis and is used in the medical industry since a long time. The specialty of this cannabis is that it has purple and blue coloring on its leaves and buds. The smell of this strain is much similar to the fruit and in taste it is somewhat like mild blueberry. These strains are mostly used in muscle relaxation, stress relief and anxiety treatment.