A Comprehensive Guide About Lemon Kush Seeds

Lemon Kush is a hybrid strain that is rich in Indica. Believe it or not, but the origins of lemon Kush strain are immensely complicated and disputed at the same time. It has a strong citrus fragrance and is considered one of the most delicious marijuana strains ever. A delectable herbal flavor resembles lemon sets this weed strain apart from the various other options out there. These feminized Lemon Kush seeds have until recently become quite popular amongst several cannabis growers. So, today’s post will provide you a comprehensive understanding of the lemon Kush seed and strain. 

How to grow lemon Kush?

As already told above that lemon Kush is a hybrid strain that has an abundance of Indica. It is a perfect combination of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. However, the variants differ reasonably according to every one of the growers out there. It’s grown in bountiful quantities, which amateur growers can also cultivate quite quickly. To yield the most gratifying harvest, make sure that you choose premium feminized seeds only. There will be no male plants, so the yield will also be much heavier than expected. 

Essential features of Lemon Kush 

Lemon Kush plants grow somewhere between four and six feet. This is all because of the plant’s dominant Sativa origin. These plants consist of visually appealing buds that are light green. Conventionally, small pistils with a shade of orange and frozen trichomes remain dispersed all over those buds. The flowers are charming to look at due to their tiny size. Most importantly, lemon Kush flowers are the most palatable to consume, as well. Make sure that the room is spacious enough for these plants to stretch effortlessly. 

A look at the smell and taste of lemon Kush

The name lemon Kush does complete justice to both its taste as well as fragrance. The sweet undertones of lemon and the earthy and musky scent it gives can enhance your mood optimally. Any person who perceives the smell will be compelled to be left with a euphoric sensation. This is because the aroma of this particular marijuana strain is highly pleasing to your senses. 

The flavor 

When it comes to lemon Kush, the strain is sweet yet delectable to taste. The aftertaste is optimally citrus, which will surely leave you lost for words. A tinge of spiciness is there to balance the spice of lemon. As a result, you will supposedly get a gratifying experience while consuming it. 

Indoor vs. outdoor growth

The different plants of lemon Kush strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors. When grown outdoors, a Mediterranean kind of climate with abundant sunlight and warmth is perfect. On the contrary, when grown indoors, make sure that there are adequate lighting arrangements and bulbs with high wattage. The plant gives off quite a pungent smell and grows at a rapid pace. 

Find an isolated area!

So, it’s always better to find a lonely place to grow them to avoid meddlesome neighbors’ fuss. Hopefully, you have attained a comprehensive understanding of lemon Kush and its various features after reading today’s write-up. To know more about lemon kush seeds, visit https://homegrowncannabisco.com/products/lemon-kush-feminized-marijuana-seeds