Alkaline water: its benefits and some basic aspects

With a pH greater than 7, alkaline water contains minerals capable of processing acidic organic waste in the body and maintaining a balanced pH in the blood and body. The body subjected to stress, to an acidic diet and water can thus acidify and become less resistant to diseases and viruses. Drinking alkaline water can be a simple gesture, accessible to all and with many virtues on our general health thanks to its antioxidant properties which protect the cells of the body from premature aging due to free radicals. By using the best quality alkaline water filter you can get alkaline water easily.

Benefits of alkaline water on the body

Yes, you can consume alkaline water regularly. But, due to high pH substance, it is advised not to drink it regularly. With more alkaline pH, it can –

  • Stimulate the immune system to stop external intervention of disease,
  • Maintain intellectual capacities, and hydrates the brain,
  • Recover more easily after intense effort while limiting muscle stiffness due to the lactic acid produced,
  • Correct the body’s acidity, especially when it is due to stress or to a little varied diet,
  • Prepare the body to absorb maximum nutrients,
  • Significant relief in tendons inflammation, joint pain, and also skin rashes (allergy),
  • Protect the cells of the body and limit the development of cancer cells.

Precautions to take

Although alkaline water is excellent for the body, it is necessary not to consume only this type of water. Thus, it is recommended:

  • To alternate the consumption of natural or alkaline water with tap water,
  • Not to exceed the maximum amount of baking soda in the water in order to alkalize it,
  • Not to use baking soda as part of a diet low in salt and sodium,
  • In case of doubt or kidney disease, it is recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional before consuming alkaline water.

Method to make water more alkaline

The tap water is usually slightly acidic, with a pH below 7. It is possible to make it more alkaline by taking a few simple reflexes to benefit from its virtues. It is recommended that you first determine the pH of tap water using a pH test strip. If the displayed pH is below 7, the water is acidic and can be made more alkaline by adding:

  • 5 g of edible baking soda in 1 L of tap water;
  • A whole lemon cut and organic in 2 L of tap water before leaving to stand between 8 to 12 hours in order to take advantage of its alkalizing properties;
  • A pinch of Himalayan salt in the water;
  • A few drops of a pH liquid containing alkaline minerals and ions.

Also, it is possible to filter the water in order to make it alkaline using a carafe with a reverse osmosis filter, a tap capable of ionizing water, a still or a water filter to be installed on a faucet or a shower bulb. The alkaline water thus obtained must have a pH between 8 and 9.