OG Kush is that one all-time favourite, classic strain that enjoys significant popularity not just among cannabis newbies but long-time users as well. Rightly so, this strain actually offers unparalleled medicinal potential and has an extremely comforting and earthly flavour profile. Now, in case you have been seeking a strain that is not just easy on the plate but great for treating all sorts of pains as well, then consider buying OG Kush strain seeds online.

What is OG Kush Cannabis?

OG Kush to begin with is basically a hybrid strain that is a blend between parent plants Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. This strain usually boasts of a high THC content and as such assists users with a multitude of medical issues.

How is the aroma, flavour and appearance of the OG Kush Cannabis?

This OG Kush cannabis strain generally has a distinctive aroma that is mostly earthly, sometimes piney and other times woodsy. Besides, this strain usually has a citrus or spicy flavour and is so potent that it often surprises even the most experienced cannabis lovers. Appearance-wise, this strain has a rather traditional cannabis look. This is because it features the classic yellow-green leaf colour with pistils that are mostly orange or green in colour. The buds in turn are densely coated with crystalline trichomes and thus indicate towards the heavy THC content of this strain.

What are some common effects associated with OG Kush Cannabis?

OG Kush is one of those few strains that is quite uniquely balanced and as such provides the best of both worlds to its consumers. In other words, after consuming OG Kush you can expect an intense cerebral high followed by strong euphoria both of which take their own time to settle in. To say the least, OG Kush is often considered by far the most uplifting strains in the cannabis market today, and naturally it has a huge fan base because of this.

What are the medical benefits of consuming OG Kush Cannabis?

OG Kush strains are generally consumed for treating various chronic pain and psychological disorders. This strain has supreme healing properties and over the years it has surprised even the medical world with its ability to assist with so many different types of ailments. Though, always remember, if you are using OG Kush for anxiety, stress or depression, then make it a point to smoke only a mild amount of OG Kush, as over-consumption of THC while handling a mental disorder often does more harm than good.

Now, that you have a fair idea about the OG Kush cannabis strain, what are you waiting for? Buy OG Kush strain seeds online today and get ready to experience the ultimate euphoria.