Best Choices for the bagpipes and More for You

The positioning of your pocket, your singing, your arms, your hands, is of paramount importance on the bagpipe game.The right forearm (for right-handers) must be relatively horizontal, from the level of the elbow to the hand on the chanter. Ideally, the right hand should be in line with the axis of the forearm. For the bagpipes for sale on amazon this is important.

Sing it at a reasonable distance (20-30 cm) vertical from the body, centered with your navel, to avoid the curvature of the wrist.The size of the pocket and the length of the sutell should not hinder the positioning of the left arm, whose wrist should be free.

  • Look in a mirror if one of your shoulders is raised or hunched, correct the position accordingly.In the first case, the correction will be simple and quick.
  • In the 2nd case, if it is a leather pocket it should be treated with ‘seasoning’ or as a last resort to change the pocket; for synthetic bags there are not many effective remedies: one can try to repair / seal the leaks but often it is better to change the bag.

Pocket size

In addition to the strategic choice of synthetic VS leather, it is advisable to choose a pocket size adapted to the morphology of the bell ringer.

This point is often overlooked, pipers tending to choose large pockets in all circumstances and then encounter problems with ease with the instrument.

  • The Uilleann Pipe is the traditional Irish bagpipe, it was created at the time to show resistance to the English (who had introduced the ban on the use of the bagpipe, dangerous because of the Celtic patriotism which ensued and which could threaten English supremacy). Unlike the classic Scottish Bagpipe, we send the air into the pocket not by blowing, but using a bellows placed under the arm, we must exert constant pressure on the bellows during the game: This game of the elbow gave it its name “Uilleann” meaning “elbow” in Gaelic. It was inspired by the Scottish Small Pipe, which was also played with a bellows. You can use the best kilt belts for sale online

Its specificity lies in the softness of the sounds it emits. It is a bagpipe, unlike the Bagpipe which is played outdoors. The Uilleann Pipe is made up of a leather bag, connected to the bellows via a cable as well as to the drones (drones allowing the player to be accompanied) and to the chanter (the flute where the notes are played).

There are different types of Uilleann Pipe, more or less complex, we call them “set”:

Practice Set: As its name suggests, this pipe is used to learn rather than to play in session, simply composed of the bag, the bellows and the chanter. Costs around 200 € and 1000 € for the best.

Half-Set : It is a practice set with in addition a lot of three bumblebees which accompany the player.

Three quarter of Set : It is a half set to which we add “regulators” of the keys which when activated, also play notes, so the player can play on the chanter AND on the regulators, thus multiplying the capacity of his Uilleann Pipe. Typically there are only three regulators.

Full Set : The dream of all pipers is a complete Uilleann Pipe, equipped with ALL regulators, 13 in number (see photo above). Unfortunately, its cost is very important, can go up to 6000 € for the best. Buying one therefore means already being a good player and a good handyman in order to make the best use of your abilities.