Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Good Nanny

The nanny industry can certainly be rewarding, but only if you manage to become a good nanny. While some may naturally have some of the crucial skills required to be a good nanny in Santa Monica, some others may have to work on it.

But before we get to them, let us take a quick look at some important statistics.

Important Statistics of the Nanny Industry

The nationwide average salary for nannies has been consistently growing, with the average salary in 2013 being close to $20,000. The demand for nannies, too, is expected to keep growing in the coming years, as more and more parents decide to go employed and have a nanny to take care of their children’s development.

Qualities of a Good Nanny

Now that you’re sure that being a nanny can be a promising career option, let us discuss the important qualities you will need to become a good nanny.

  • You need to love being in the company of children, and shouldn’t get bored when spending a lot of time with them
  • You must know what it takes to help a child with their development, and be experienced with taking care of their basic needs
  • A good nanny wouldn’t hesitate in standing up for the children when it comes to protecting their rights
  • You would also have be energetic enough as children can be very demanding
  • Having a lot of patience is a must too, in order to communicate well with them as well as develop discipline in them in an effective way
  • Never make any compromises with their safety
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of the children, and handle the unpredictable nature of the job itself
  • Being able to understand the children well and having compassion towards them as well as others are two of the most important qualities all nannies are required to have
  • Similarly, the reliability and trustworthiness is going to be crucial for the parents, as they wouldn’t like to trust someone that can’t prove themselves to be very reliable
  • Staying organized is another must-have quality for nannies, as the children themselves can often be a mess
  • Encouraging the children and helping them grow better is something you will need to work on as well
  • You would always have to have the child’s best interests at heart when taking any decision that involves them