Broke a bone in Utah? You’ve got options, but what are they?

Broke something while playing or practicing? Saratoga Springs Instacare too heavily packed for you? If you think you’ve fractured a bone or severely tore something, but hospitals are too congested or too close to pandemic concerns, private orthopedic surgeons are available. Utah has a few options for the sports fan that’s pushed themselves too far. The most obvious is a private orthopedic surgeon, or you could choose a sports medicine center.

Both options have their potential benefits that can help you and your possible fracture. An orthopedic surgeon will have options for properly setting and readjusting a fracture and proper medical equipment such as radiography equipment and scanning equipment. An orthopedic surgeon will often take a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach to heal a fracture or broken bone. As well, orthopedic care centers usually have options for breathable, waterproof casts. Some centers in Saratoga Springs, Utah, offer exoskeleton braces for bones that are much more comfortable than a plaster cast and molded to fit a patient’s anatomy. Either option will likely be available in a same-day placement and will not require surgery in any capacity. Non-surgical options are also cheaper and avoid hitting your insurance with a nasty bill.

The obvious contrast is to consider a private sports medicine center for attending to your fracture or tear. A sports medicine center will be up to date on current therapy techniques that can help you heal your fracture faster and come back to your sport as strong as ever. Their therapy tools will be your best shot for fast recovery if that’s your goal. Multiple Saratoga Springs clinics and Instacare centers recommend seeing a sports medicine center if your ideal recovery involves getting back into whatever sport gave you a fracture in the first place. Their therapy techniques include physical rehabilitation and exercise routines and hot therapy treatments, massages, ultrasounds of tendons and soft tissues, and x-rays of fractures and dislocations.

While both options are a significant source of medical care for your broken bones or soft tissue sports injuries, the best care is going to be from a combination of both centers’ best efforts. An orthopedic surgeon from Saratoga Springs will start your consideration on the right path from the very first visit and give you a full suite of information and tools to know what to do. From there, the best option for care would be to see a sports medicine specialist and utilize their therapy methods for your injury, accelerating your recovery. See both, and your chances of a full recovery are higher than you’d think.

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