Common Mistakes When Washing Your Face and Beard

On the surface, washing a person’s face and beard seems simple and straightforward. However, a few mistakes may prevent a person’s skin and beard from achieving real greatness. Also, proper face and beard care is essential to avoid cases of creepy beards.

Not Washing the Beard Enough or Washing It Too Much

It is a good idea to cleanse a person’s face once per day. If someone is dealing with especially oily skin, washing twice per day is recommended. Overwashing may dry the skin and cause it to produce additional oil to compensate. During the day, pollutants and grime may accumulate on the skin, which will speed up the aging process. When washing the face, the goal is to get rid of all the “grossness” without stripping the skin.

When it comes to a person’s beard, try to wash it once or twice a week. Similar to the person’s skin, it is important not to strip it of the natural oils. If someone gets especially dirty during the day, they should wash the beard as needed.

Use the Wrong Water Temperature When Washing the Beard

Everyone loves the feel of a hot shower. However, if the water is too hot, it is going to strip the skin. Water that is too hold will prevent the pores from opening. The sweet spot to aim for is lukewarm water.

Using the Wrong Type of Beard and Face Wash

Do not use a traditional bar of soap on the face or beard. The harsh chemicals in bath soap are much too aggressive for the skin on the face and the facial hair. Most people have taken a shower and then had skin that felt itchy and tight after. If this happens, the soap used is to blame. It is a good idea to move to a specially formulated soap or wash for the face or bard. It will help eliminate the grime and grit in the beard and on the skin without compromising the skin’s pH balance.

Not Being Hands-On

If someone uses a washcloth in the shower, they probably do not change it out every day. This is a bad habit that needs to change. Instead of using the same cloth, again and again, use the fingers to wash the face and beard. A wet washcloth can grow bacteria, which thrives in damp and warm environments. Avoid this risk by ditching the washcloth for good.

Using the Wrong Washing Methods

Rub cleanser in using circles in an outward motion. This helps to tone the skin and stimulate blood flow. While washing, do not get too rough. If someone rubs too hard, it can cause serious damage to the skin. If the right type of beard wash is used, gentle, consistent rubbing will be enough.

Washing a person’s face and beard properly will help ensure that serious issues do not arrive. It will also help make sure that the skin and beard look great and avoid blemishes, dryness, and other common problems that may occur. Being informed and knowing what to do and what to avoid will pay off.