Cookie Diet – Is it the Right Weight Loss Solution for You?

If you’ve never heard about the cookie diet before, then you probably can’t help but laugh at the notion of losing weight by eating cookies. That said, the latter is a real thing and getting rave reviews from many people in the weight loss industry.

In this article, we aim to provide an overview of the science behind the cookie diet and how it works. Only then can you decide if it is the right weight loss solution for you.

What is a cookie diet?

A doctor named Sanford Siegel first came up with the idea for a cookie diet plan in 1975. Since then, his weight loss program has been featured in hundreds of TV programs and helped thousands of people accomplish their weight loss goals.

What makes the cookie diet seem so strange is that it’s common knowledge that craving for sweets is a contributing factor to becoming overweight. The majority of people put on weight since taking in excess sugary foods and carbs.

What is so particular about the cookie diet?

Craving for sweets is the reason why many people slip up from strategies like a 7-day diet plan for weight loss. Many elements of a healthy meal plan can’t be resolved when people have to struggle with the constant craving for sugar. These cravings interfere and will not enable you to take action.  The cookie diet plan aims to circumvent these barriers so you can focus on what is essential for your weight loss goals.

With the success of the Cookie diet as a diet meal plan to lose weight , Dr Siegal has chosen to expand his business, going on the internet to take it global. He figured out that more people would reduce weight if they didn’t need to give up something they loved. Reaching the objective of keeping some sugary foods in the picture will often make the difference between success and failure.

What to expect when on a cookie diet plan

While the majority of diets preach keeping sugary foods to a minimum, this the Cookie Diet plan Plan works on the reasoning that many dieters fail to fulfil their goals because they are so hectic battling their natural impulses and beating back the craving for sweets.

The Cookie Diet plan Plan declares that by consuming 6 of their specifically developed cookies daily, you will not just succeed in your dieting; however, you won’t have to battle cravings. There are no fixed meal times, and you are still urged to drink eight glasses of fluid each day. They likewise provide a dietary supplement with your order.

The cookie used is a natural hunger suppressant made up of proteins like bran, oats and rice. They can’t be thought about the tastiest of treats. However, they are sweet enough so that you don’t give them up, and they do an outstanding job of keeping your craving for sweets quiet.


With the Cookie Diet plan in place, your mind can aim to creating a diet plan using the natural things that your body requires in percentages that are designed to assist you in reducing weight: chicken, turkey and fish, cooked vegetables, dietary supplements, coffee, tea, diet plan soda and water as wanted.

With success on the Cookie Diet Plan Plan, you will begin to alter or keep a low-calorie diet plan. It does not hurt to do some exercise either. The mind is a funny thing — give it what it wants, and many things can seem more manageable. This includes drinking more water, regular exercise and yes — losing weight.