Here is What You should Expect at Your First Audiology Appointment

If you are suspicious that you are suffering from hearing loss and are concerned about it, it is always a good idea to consult an audiologist. But many people are not aware of what happens when they visit an Audiologie Centre Ouest test auditif for the first time. Here is what you should expect.

  • You should have your medical history ready

It is important to have a complete and updated medical history when you visit an audiologist. They need a complete picture on what your health has been like, so always get your medical records ready from your past doctors so as to have the most accurate information at hand. Know that conditions like heart disease and diabetes also play a huge role in your hearing health. The audiologist will also ask you about your past experience with any kind of ear infection, head trauma or hearing loss, or anyone in the family is suffering from the same.

  • Reviewing your hearing habits

Your lifestyle is as tantamount to your medical history. For example, when working at loud places or spending prolonged hours at concerts or musicals, you need to let your audiologist know about the same. Moreover, you may also be offered advice on putting a halt to such noise to prevent further damage to your hearing. Understanding your lifestyle makes it easy for the audiologist to determine the treatment you should get. Hearing aids can be pretty helpful on the basis of whether you want to spend the time alone or with a group etc.

  • Hearing test

The test starts where the ear is visually inspected, interior which is done with the device called otoscope, and external as well. This is helpful for the audiologist to check if there are any noticeable issues. Then your hearing is being tested, checking how you perceive various tones and forms of speeches. Other tests maybe involved too once the audiologist determines what your hearing health needs.

  • Checking the results

The audiologist also uses an audiogram to check your hearing powers. With the outputs, they determine if you have any kind of hearing loss as well as the severity. Hearing aids are common and proven successful for hearing loss. If you need an hearing aid, your audiologist will fit it in your next appointment. They are the best way to know the source of diagnosis, treatment and all kind of advice associated with hearing and balance health.