Exercise Bike Or Spinning Bike? How To Choose The Suitable Model?

With isolation, these types of bikes gain even more importance as an alternative to perform an excellent aerobic workout, expend calories and take care of your health during the coronavirus pandemic. See characteristics of each

In this time of seclusion due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stationary and spinning bikes became great allies to stay active at home. After all, cycling contributes to improving physical and cardiovascular conditioning and allows you to perform a workout with high energy expenditure and muscle stimulation.

However, it is necessary to choose the right equipment not to risk leaving the bike aside without fulfilling its purpose. No turning an exercise bike into a hanger! The damage is not financial. It is a waste of all the potential benefits that they offer to the body. And it makes an important reminder: for a better result with bicycles for indoor use; whether they are ergometric or spinning, it is recommended to have the support of a Physical Education professional.

The spinning bike allows you to reproduce workouts for amateur and professional athletes and perform high-calorie expenditures. The lack of professional guidance can make the exercise inefficient and, in most cases, lead to its abandonment. Thus, the entire investment will be thrown away.

Here’s a tip: always seek the guidance of a Physical Education professional, who will be able to prescribe the exercise according to your needs and expectations

Benefits Of Stationary And Spinning Bikes

Improvement of physical and cardiovascular conditioning and, consequently, of health;

  • High caloric expenditure: Depending on the duration and intensity of the training, they may offer this benefit. On average, a woman of 55 kg can spend approximately 300 kcal to 350 kcal in about half an hour of cycling. Therefore, they are a great option to obtain an energy expenditure in a weight-loss method, which must combine caloric restriction and physical exercises;
  • Muscle stimulation: The main muscle groups active when using these bicycles, regardless of whether they are vertical, horizontal, or spinning, are quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and iliopsoas.

Check out the guidelines we have prepared with the support of the Physical Education professional using the home exercise bikes to help you choose the right bike for cycling indoors. Horizontal exercise bike: improves fitness and expends calories.  

In general, stationary and spinning bikes are indicated for anyone who can perform physical exercises, including those who want to abandon a sedentary lifestyle. However, when choosing the bicycle model, it is worth considering the experience and the goal of who will use it. Amateur or professional cyclists can get more out of spinning, while exercise bikes are recommended for those looking for physical conditioning;

Regardless of the type or model, all of these bikes have a load limitation. Most of the time, it is approximately 150 kg.