Fine Choices for Home Care Now That You Can Opt for

Being a carer is a special job that requires attention and a lot of patience.The nurse is always friendly, positive-minded and disdainful. The nurse does a simple care job, a medical education is not necessary, although it is welcome. Of great importance is work experience, sometimes it is more important than special education. Often women come to us who take care of their sick relatives, and feel a penchant for such virtuous work. We take them to ourselves.

Medical students, nurses are also in our database. If you require the services of a nurse, then we can offer you a wide selection of candidates who have undergone a serious selection and tested in business.

The nurse – will perform full sanitary-hygienic care for the sick person, move the bed, change the bed linen of the bed patient, feed from a spoon, make an enema. Goes to a store or pharmacy, cooks food, talks, calms.

A patronage nurse – will perform the entire amount of caring for a sick person, but will also add the experience and knowledge of a medical professional: feeding through a probe, intramuscular and intravenous injections, wound care, dressings, etc.

A nurse-companion – will compose a company for a lonely pensioner, walk with him, talk with him and talk, go to the grocery store, pay utility bills. In other words, it will brighten up loneliness.

A nurse with accommodation – completely takes care of a sick person and lives with him in the same house or apartment. For such carers, one or two days a week is always a weekend. Power for the nurse is provided by the receiving party.

For work as a nurse, women from 45 years of age are most in demand. This is due to the fact that the majority of patients are elderly people, and in addition to the manipulation of care, it is also important to be able to talk with the patient and maintain a conversation. This is best done in people of a close age.

Care for the elderly in Moscow from MosMedPatronage

The trained nurses of the philadelphia corporation for aging, as a rule, have a medical education, experience in the field of psychology, and the social sphere. At any time, they can correctly assess the condition of an elderly person, provide necessary assistance, if necessary, call a doctor, immediately inform relatives about the worsening health of the ward. Our experts competently respond to all the whims of older people, are not irritated and patiently endure their sometimes unjust reproaches and criticisms.

Entrust the care of an elderly person to the professionals of our service and peace, mutual respect and trust will be restored in your family.

What is the responsibility of the nurseelderly care

The caregiver’s responsibilities include:

  • Will provide the elderly person with qualified assistance if necessary,
  • Comply with the doctor’s prescriptions, provide proper care and comfort,
  • Will carry out qualified sanitary and hygienic procedures and rehabilitation measures,
  • Will provide psychological support.

Call us! Experienced MosMedPatronage specialists will help you develop the right care for an elderly or elderly person, select staff that will strictly meet your requirements and will be able to successfully complete the tasks.