Great Choices for the Right Vitamin Supplement

It is curious about which vitamins are essential for seniors and their main sources? Find out now and improve your health. For that you can make use of korea here.

Vitamin B1

Among the B-complex vitamins, this produces a feeling of well-being, ensures more vitality to the elderly and improves the digestion process.

What’s more, it is recommended to slow cataract development, a very recurring problem that compromises the eyesight of older people. And, it can be found in eggs, corn, milk and peanuts, for example.

Vitamin B3

For those who have insomnia problems, vitamin B3 may be the solution. It improves sleep quality, helps regulate cholesterol and contributes to maintaining muscle mass.

And it can be found in beef, chicken, fish, eggs and milk. That is, an important vitamin for the elderly and that is easily accessible, agree?

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is to relieve the feeling of tiredness mainly. Its use renews energy, vitality and also contributes to the maintenance of mental health. Want to know where to find it? It is present in avocado, beef, chicken meat, leafy vegetables, milk and eggs.

Vitamin B6

This is to make the skin more elastic, strengthen the immune system, aid in hemoglobin production and reduce the risk of heart disease. And bananas, eggs, meat and milk are rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 helps in the formation of new cells and contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system. It also influences mental and emotional health as well. And it is found in lentils, liver, melon and dark green vegetables.

B12 vitamin

Among the main benefits, this vitamin protects against dementia, helps in the formation of new cells, combats anemia and prevents cardiovascular complications. It is present in beef, milk and dairy products.

Vitamin C

It is very important to strengthen the immune system as it helps in the absorption of iron and acts as an antioxidant. The main sources are parsley and citrus fruits: orange, kiwi, mandarin, lemon, guava and strawberry.

D vitamin

Essential as a key to calcium and phosphorus absorption, it strengthens teeth, bones and reduces migraine. And it is commonly found in saltwater fish, eggs and dairy products.Also, being exposed to the sun for 10 to 20 minutes a day, before 10 am or late afternoon, is very important to better absorb vitamin D.

Vitamin E

For older people, its use provides improvements in immune function and strengthens the skin by delaying aging.It is found in corn, avocado, oily fish, tomatoes and carrots.


Important mineral to regulate heartbeat, help with blood clotting and strengthen bones.Milk, tofu, sardines, broccoli, oats and chia are the main sources. The use of iherb discount code nz is there.


Iron is essential in combating anemia to reduce physical and mental tiredness and improve appetite.It is present in beans, dark green vegetables, cashews and red meat.


Zinc promotes hormonal balance, strengthens the immune system, regulates blood sugar, maintains cardiovascular health and aids in hair growth and repair.The best sources of this mineral are oysters, shrimp, beef and chicken, wheat germ, tubers and whole grains.