Here’s What You Need To Know about DOT SAP?

The Department of Transportation caters to many needs of citizens and keeps tons of people employed. However, there are still regulations that need to be followed to keep everything in order and to keep people safe. Here is a quick look at what you need to know about DOT SAP.


DOT stands for the Department of Transportation and SAP stands for Substance Abuse Professional. Back in 1991, DOT agencies are now supposed to have alcohol and drug tests done on transportation employees. Additionally, there is a regulation on how the tests should be done and how employees may return to work after they violate a regulation.

No matter what mode of transportation is being done, DOT-testing must be done. This includes everyone from truck drivers to pilots of airplanes.

How Can You Benefit From It

If an employee in the transportation department gets a positive test result, there is a way to safely get them back to work and help them stay clean. Everyone deserves to get a second chance while staying cleaned and employed, the program and services can help benefit both the employer and employee.

How It Works

Firstly, part of the DOT SAP Services will involve removing the employee right away from safety sensitivity duty. After that, the employer will have to give each applicant and employee with violations a list of SAPs who are DOT qualified. American Substance Abuse Professionals may also be the one to provide an SAP list.

An SAP will perform a clinical evaluation face to face to the employee. From there, they will offer suggestions for education and/or treatment along with documentation to the DER, or Designated Employee Representative. The employee must then comply with any of the suggested education and/or treatment. A follow-up evaluation will be conducted by the SAP to see if the employee is able to go back to safety sensitivity duty. The SAP will also give the DER the documentation.

When the DER gets the documentation from the SAP that says an employee can go back to safety sensitivity duty. The said employee must also get a negative result on the Return to Duty Alcohol/Drug Screening. At their employer’s discretion, the employee may return to duty.

Depending on the plan given by an SAP and what is given to the DER, the employee will be subject to a period of about 1-5 years along with unannounced follow-up testing. Other than that, if the applicant or employee has finished the SAP Return to Duty process, they are expected to do a number of things. Some things will include a support group, aftercare treatment, follow-up testing, etc. Employers will also have peace of mind because the ASAP Aftercare Compliance and Management makes sure that employees are progressing and complying with the SAP’s follow-up recommendation.

DOT SAP is an effective way to make sure your employees stay clean and return to their jobs safely. It gives everyone the second chance that they deserve and employers will not have to lose good employees.

The American Substance Abuse Professionals has been a trusted choice when it comes to DOT SAP Services for more than 20 years. Contact us today for more information.