How Diet Can Affect Recovery from Addiction

With increasing cases of addiction in Malibu, addiction specialists have also grown in number. A Malibu addiction treatment specialist will tell you that there is a very strong connection between diet and recovery from addiction. However, it is often ignored since most people cannot see the connection.

The food you eat can significantly affect your addiction recovery efforts in the following ways:

Food Can Be Addictive

If you are not careful with your diet, you may recover from one type of addiction only to fall into another. Food can be quite addictive, especially salty and sugary processed foods and drinks.

Therefore, when recovering from addiction you should be very wary about what constitutes your diet. You should completely avoid any foods that contain too much salt or sugar or risk getting addicted to food.

You should consume food as fuel when you are in recovery and not for pleasure. After spending several weeks in recovery, you can try consuming tasty and potentially addictive foods, albeit sparingly.

Diet Affects Your Weight

You are what you eat is a saying you have probably heard many times over the course of your life. Your food is especially important in determining how much you weigh.

Being overweight is the main cause of mental health problems which can lead to addiction. If you eat too much, you will probably increase the chances of getting addicted to food or other substances.

Therefore, you should consume food that allows you to maintain a healthy weight when recovering from addiction. Foods that are high in roughage such as leafy green vegetables are the best in this regard.

Foods Can Cause Hormonal Imbalance

The body’s chemistry, especially brain chemistry, is an important element of addiction. That also pertains to hormones that regulate various bodily processes.

The foods you consume have a substantial effect on your hormones. If you consume an unhealthy diet, you may end up with a hormonal imbalance in the body.

When your hormones are out of balance, you are at a higher risk of addictive behavior to compensate for it. The imbalance is very dangerous for a recovering addict.

Nutrition Is Important for Health

When recovering from an addiction, your health both physically and emotionally should be your top priority. Your diet is the most crucial factor influencing your health.

The healthier you are, the better you feel. The better you feel, the less likely you are to develop a drug and substance addiction.

Therefore, you should ensure the foods you consume when recovering from an addiction are highly nutritious. Your health is the only true wealth you possess.

Food Helps with Recovery of Damaged Organs

When you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other harmful substances, your body suffers a lot. Many organs are damaged such as your lungs, liver, and kidney.

The foods you consume during recovery can significantly help these organs and your entire body to heal. The body has a natural healing capacity which can be boosted by a healthy diet.

You should have a medical exam to see which organs are most severely damaged. Then you should eat in an appropriate manner to promote the healing of these organs.