Why You Should Seek Early Low-Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain is mostly a job-related disability which affects about 80% of Americans in their lifetime. Back pain that is associated with straining could go away in a few days, but chronic pain might last for some months. Low back pain results from changes that occur in the body as you age. With age, your body could have reduced fluid content in the spine and vertebrae; fewer fluids on the low parts of the spine could easily lead to irritation and low back pain. It is prudent to seek back pain treatment from Ramsey low back pain experts who would help you strengthen the muscles of the spine using body mechanics which prevent pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain

·       Strains

When you engage in excess activities, you could hurt your muscles and ligaments on the back. Overstretching of the low back muscles could result in stiffness in the lower back and muscle spasms. When you engage in physical therapy or take a rest, you could help reduce symptoms of low back strain.

·       Disc injury

Your vertebrae discs are more prone to injury, and this risk increases with age, and happens when the disc is herniated. A herniated disk could result from slipping or rapturing, which occurs when the cartilage surrounding the disc pushes against the nerve roots and spinal cord. The cushion sitting between the spinal vertebrae could extend outside the normal position. The nerve roots could then get compressed, which results in pain in the low back, and it could happen suddenly due to lifting too much weight, and most people report that this pain can last for 72 hours.

·       Sciatica

A herniated disc could lead to sciatica issues, and sciatic nerve connects the spine and the legs. Sciatica problems could lead to pain on the lower part of the spinal cord, and this pain could extend to the legs.

·       Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis could happen due to the pressure exerted on the spinal cord by the spinal column narrows. This condition is mostly associated with age-related degeneration of the discs of the vertebrae. You could experience numbness, cramping, and weakness in the lower pain when you have spinal stenosis.

Treatment for Low Back Pain

When you have redness, swelling, tenderness, and warmth in the lower back and lingering pain, it could be prudent to seek medical help. Your doctor may need to do in-depth testing and have a discussion on the condition of your back.. Some of the low back pain treatment options your doctor could suggest include:

  •       Physical therapy
  •       Rehabilitative exercises
  •       Acupuncture
  •       Stem cell therapy
  •       Botox and epidural injections
  •       Osteopathic manipulation treatment

The Bottom Line

When you have low back pain, it is wise to see a doctor for early diagnosis and treatment of your condition, which helps prevent the need for medicine and complicated surgeries. Lower back pain could arise from overuse of the spinal cord, trauma, sickness, or sudden awkward movement. Some of the effective treatment options for low back pain include rehabilitative exercises, stem cell therapy, and epidural injections. You should know the low back pain treatment options available for you that can help ease your condition.