How to prepare for gastric bypass surgery

There are a few essential steps which help you in preparation for gastric bypass surgery, and your dedication to change in lifestyle starts before the surgery. Here are a few tips mentioned for you to follow before your gastric bypass surgery;

  1. Learn about gastric bypass surgery: If you are considering gastric bypass surgery, make sure you gain the brief knowledge about the surgery. Read related books, websites, hospital brochures and support talk sessions held in Tijuana regarding gastric bypass surgery. Get information about the procedure, risks involved and changes in lifestyle.
  2. Change in habits: If you have a habit of smoking, quit smoking and stop the use of all the nicotine and tobacco-containing products. Because smoking can increase the risk of severe complications during and after the surgery. Quit tobacco and nicotine before three months of the surgery.
  3. Change your diet-plan: Plan your meals three times a day. Make sure to add breakfast in your diet-plan. Avoid having dinner within four hours before bedtime. Add three regular meals and one to two small snacks in your diet. Follow the given points while preparing your diet plan;
  • Increase protein in your diet
  • Add fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce and eliminate sugar intake and high-fat foods
  • Avoid fast foods and restaurant meals
  1. Track your meals and water intake: Recording your diet and water intake will help you in identifying your areas of improvement. Use a tracking device or applications in your mobile for your convenience. Increase water consumption and reduce all other drinks: Every adult’s body requires 64 ounces of water per day. Do not avoid natural thirst signals by your body. Limit the beverages intake such as carbonated drinks, sugary, flavored, and concentrated juices. Also eliminate caffeinated drinks like coffee, cola, etc.

Get into an exercise routine: Begin an exercise routine. Start with small and consistent physical activity plan that fits your ability. Follow the given tips while preparing a physical activity plan;

  • Include short walks
  • Add chair exercises
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Simple yoga
  1. Focus on mental and emotional health: Think about your readiness and your commitment to change in lifestyle. Consider starting of the favorable system of supporting people around you. Find alternative ways of coping with your emotional states.