How to Prevent a Fungal Nail Infection?

Toenail fungus often occurs when you don’t maintain proper foot hygiene. If you are used to wearing nail polish always or wear footwear that is too tight or doesn’t allow your feet to breathe, then the chances are that toenail fungus would occur sooner or later. However, there are few steps you can take to keep ugly and, in some cases, even painful toenail fungus at bay.

Improve your immunity

One of the best ways to fight off any infections is to watch what you eat and improve your lifestyle. It would help build immunity that wouldn’t let any infection to materialize. Eat green leafy vegetables and a lot of fruits and also add probiotics for toenail fungus in your daily intake. It would help in keeping toenail fungus at bay.

Be Careful Around Hot Spots

Some of the toenail fungus hot spots are gyms, swimming pools, locker rooms, changing rooms, and any other places where people walk barefoot or where the environment is hot and humid. Make sure to disinfect your feet when you come back from such places and wash your feet dry. Toenail fungus can be transferred from person to person, so it is important you check what you touch and use.

Snip Regularly and Carefully

Make sure that you trim your toenails regularly and do so carefully as to now snip the skin near the toenail. Shorter the nails, less are the chances of infection occurring. Try not to share your trimming tools and nail cutters. The skin around the nails should not be peeled off.

Keep your feet dry

It is important that you wash your feet often and dry it right after washing. Hot, humid, and damp areas are where fungus appears, and if you allow your feet to be in that state, rest assured toenail fungus would surface soon.

Use these tips, and rest assured you will be well-protected from toenail fungus. Stick to basics when it comes to personal hygiene and wellness, and it is more than sufficient to keep nail infections at bay.