Water Conservation is Important and so is a Drinking Water Filtration System

If you’re lucky to have clean drinking water at home, you might not care about the millions of people without access to clean water. Regardless of the reason, these people need help. Everyone deserves a clean water source, and it should be a human right. If you don’t experience what others do, you can at least help in conserving water. Your actions could impact other people living elsewhere. If your tap water is unsafe for drinking, you can at least use a drinking water filtration system. Others don’t have such a luxury. These reasons will convince you to help act on this problem now.  To read an additional Berkey water filter review, check out the official website.

People are dying

Life expectancy in places without access to clean water is low. Children die due to malnutrition and dehydration. Since water is scarce, they’re not getting the nutrients and minerals needed by their bodies. Worse, they also don’t have access to quality healthcare. The lack of action from the local government also contributed to the water crisis. If water is abundant from where you live, you still need to conserve. Think about these people who would trade whatever they have to get a glass of water.

Global warming contributes to the water crisis

Global warming has tons of terrible effects on human lives. In some places, there’s severe drought due to the increase in temperature. Crops die and a lot of people starve. Conversely, some places suffer from heavy rains and flooding. Either way, global warming contributed to the water crisis. In dry places, the water sources are almost empty. In places that always get flooded, water sources are polluted. To solve the crisis, we should have a holistic approach. It means that we also need to take action on global warming.

Conserving water means fewer expenses

When you conserve water, you won’t have to pay a lot for water bills. Considering how difficult life is these days, you need to find a way to save money whenever you can. Reducing your water consumption at home could reduce your bills by up to 50%. You start by cutting your shower time short. You don’t need to spend an hour bathing. A few minutes would be enough to clean your body. You should also check your water systems to determine if everything is okay. If there leaks on the pipes, they could cause a huge problem. Your water bills will increase even if you think you’re reducing water consumption. Worse, you’re wasting precious resources that other people could have used.

Other organisms also rely on water

You might only think about yourself and fellow human beings when it comes to water conservation. However, we live in an ecosystem, and we depend on each other. Our actions could also have terrible consequences on the other organism we live with. When lakes and streams are polluted, we might experience a water shortage. At the same time, marine organisms die. Some endangered species rely on these water sources for survival. We might wipe away entire species if we don’t take the right steps towards water conservation.

Sinkholes are popping up

There have been several mysterious sinkholes popping up in various places across the world. Some experts conducted studies to determine the reason behind those sinkholes, but they barely get an answer. However, these sinkholes may be a result of a gap in areas where water once ran. Natural aquifers start to run low because we don’t conserve water until they eventually dry up. The gap left by the lack of water could be the reason for these sinkholes to appear. Repairing a sinkhole could take time and resources. Worse, if people weren’t aware that a sinkhole is about to form, they might get trapped. This is another reason why we can’t be complacent because we don’t experience a water crisis.

We live in a connected world

By now, we must already understand that we are interconnected. The actions in one part of the world could have consequences elsewhere. The same thing applies to water shortage. If we don’t care about how we use water resources, others would be deprived. If we continue to think that global warming is a hoax, many people’s lives would be threatened. The point is that you don’t only act based on how you will benefit. You should also consider other people. If tables were turned, what would you have felt?

Tell your children about the reality

It’s not enough that you understand the consequences of water shortage. You should also inform your children about it. They might care more if they understand what’s going on. Even at their age, they can grasp reality. Explain to them why people are suffering from water shortage, and what they can do to help solve it. You also need to be a role model. You can’t keep talking about water conservation if you don’t do it at home.

There’s always hope

It’s sad to see people who die because they don’t have access to clean water. It’s even worse when you realize that the lack of water infrastructure is due to the failure of certain governments to take action. The good thing is that several organizations are taking the steps to be of help. They help construct water systems to provide access to those who are deprived of it. They also try to coordinate their efforts with local governments so that more people will have clean water.

Some organizations raise funds to purchase water filters. The use of water filters could prevent contamination. If different households have one, it’s easier to prevent waterborne diseases. Several areas don’t have clean tap water, but others are lucky that they can easily buy bottled water. Those who don’t have this privilege can still drink clean water with the aid of a water filter. You can have one at home too if your tap water isn’t safe for drinking. You need it to purify your water and ensure the safety of your family.