How you can choose the best therapist for your addiction recovery

My congratulations on your decision to opt for addiction treatment will go devalued if you fail to find the best therapist for your issues. While addiction comes from unnumbered aspects in our life, doctors do some specialization in specific techniques to address all of them. But even a reputed addiction treatment center like suboxone treatment clinics providence would fail to offer you a therapist who is efficient in handling all the issues. I did struggle to find a perfect therapist for me, but some specific criteria made it easy to find one later. Hopefully, you would benefit from those as well.


Often you could find some suboxone treatment centers near me that offer the broadest range of treatment procedures. However, if asked to show specialization certificates, they would fail to produce. I visited one suboxone clinic near me, but it took me only one day to understand that those people are fake, and wouldn’t do the best for me. Neither they had vast experience, nor they were appropriate for my issue.

You may be having some specific problems, and for that, you need to find an experienced addiction therapist. An addiction therapist who has been treating a particular issue for a long time would know its consequences. Suboxone treatment centers providence does hold separate sections with different types of addiction therapy. Their doctors would help you to refer to the most appropriate therapist very quickly. While they understand your issue with a thorough examination, they are capable of producing a detailed insight about it also.

Certification and specialization

As an addiction victim like what I was some months ago, you should ask your doctors from suboxone treatment centers to explain their specialization and produce the certifications also. You do have the right to make yourself sure whether your issue is solvable by the doctor or not. The therapist’s license and knowledge are the measures you should judge before you proceed into further treatment.

Generally, addiction therapists hold NCC certifications from the NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors). The certificate indicates that the therapist from suboxone treatment center providence had successfully practiced his specialization over 3000 hours before he entered into his profession. Also, the licensure of being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor highlights the therapist’s knowledge and efficiency in his treatment. I made sure that my therapist does hold both the certifications in dual diagnosis, and only then I started my treatment with him. Yes, it has been a successful recovery for me.

Friendly attitude

Here comes the question about interpersonal skills. From my experience, I have felt that if you don’t feel the abundance of venting yourself out in front of your therapist, you would never receive proper treatment. When I visited Suboxone treatment clinics providence, the therapist allotted to me welcomed me so warmly that even today, I can remember how it was that day.

Instead of just following a professional approach, your therapist should be open to your conversation always. He should treat you like an individual and permit you to open up. Addiction treatments are based on personal issues, and if your verse in every interaction is crucial to analyze that. It may be that the start the treatment fails to show promises, but instead of scolding you, the therapist should listen to your feedback and note it correctly. Once you start to feel a close connection with your therapist, your recovery would only get progress.

Evidence-based work

You may hesitate to undergo experimental treatments as those lack shreds of evidence of producing positive signs. My therapist from suboxone treatment clinic providence told me that they mostly follow evidence-based methods to ensure the least side effects. Those methods are proven clinically on multiple occasions before.

Mostly therapists from suboxone treatment centers, providence use CBT, Music therapy (integrated with other treatments), and exposure therapy. They believe these are the most accepted treatments to date. Do try different suboxone clinics so that you get in touch with many therapists; once you find your best suit, the progress in knocking at the door.