The sedentary lifestyle that we have been leading has made the pain a part of our lives. Since the pandemic and the work from home culture kicking off, we have been stuck in front of our screens. Some of us are gaining weight, and some of us are experiencing worse pain in our necks and backs. There are times when we brush away this pain, thinking that it was just a long day that is causing it. But pain is far more complicated than that. Suppose you have been experiencing pain or stiffness, which is causing limited movement. In that case, you should reach out to a physiotherapist Ajax .They will be able to help you learn how to manage the pain, if not decrease it. The therapist from would also help you to determine the cause of the pain.

Is it a good idea to exercise through pain?

Whenever we start to experience muscle pain or soreness, we believe that resting it out is the best way. Resting would let the pain pass. But that’s not always true. Sometimes letting the pain pass is alright, but a lot of times, what happens is that the pain persists and can cause more harm. It can be so excruciating that it can limit your movement. When you exercise, you can relax your joints and increase their mobility. The physiotherapist would suggest exercises based on your condition, which would help to relieve the pain.

What are some of the signs that you need to exercise through pain?

You should ask yourself some questions, which help you determine whether you should exercise through your pain or not. Are you experiencing any signs of severe injury like swelling, bruising, or locking? Are you able to easily modify the pain, or does the pain slow you down a little? Have you had to tape or wear different shoes to manage the pain? How do you respond to your pain? How bad is the pain? Does it go away immediately, or does it last overnight? The longer the pain lasts, the more intense it usually is. What is the pain-producing structure? These questions will help you to determine whether you should see a physiotherapist or not. If you have been experiencing it for a long time, you should get a diagnosis before the problem worsens.

Book your appointment with a physiotherapist

Living in pain is not easy. It is always better to get it checked out rather than waiting for time to pass and see. It can cause more damage than needed. Everyone’s pain needs are different. An experienced and qualified physiotherapist would be able to figure out why you have been experiencing pain and in which muscles and tissues. They would offer preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services. Whether your pain is through a sports injury or a sedentary lifestyle, the therapist would work with you to solve that pain and put you at ease. The exercises would help to restore your strength and functional abilities.