Is It Good To Drink Coffee Before A Sport Or A Workout?

The mere aroma from a steaming hot cup of coffee is enough to awaken most people, not just after a good night’s sleep but even from a deep slumber on a lazy weekend afternoon. And taking just one sip of the warm drink instantly makes a person feel physically fit and mentally alert, ready to take on the tasks ahead that day, be it at work or at home.

But did you know that consuming a strong concoction of coffee with some milk and sugar, also confers fantastic benefits for fitness training, both in professional sports and in gym workouts?

Yes, this is a proven fact. And also very good news for fitness enthusiasts who happen to be coffee connoisseurs as well. This is because the main active ingredient in a cuppa joe, be it traditional South Indian filter coffee, just good old cappuccino or the current food fad – dalgona coffee, is caffeine.

Nothing new, you must be thinking. Well, caffeine also happens to be the chief component of the numerous protein powders, fitness drinks and pre-workout supplements that bodybuilding novices and pros at a gym, trained sportspersons and even athletes consume regularly, before an arduous workout session.

While the caffeine in coffee is known to infuse a boost of energy in a person, drinking this popular beverage to fuel your workout routine has myriad other added advantages.

Coffee beans when absorbed in the human system, provide extra stamina and sustenance, to ensure better performance in those training in a sport or a gym.

They also stimulate the brain, to focus better, improve concentration and reduce fatigue. An invigorating drink of piping hot coffee significantly augments metabolism, processes carbohydrates and fats, besides activating cardiac muscles in the heart.

Sure, these reasons are compelling enough, to be convinced to consume a drink of coffee before heading to the gym, going out for a run, or train for a sporting event. Nevertheless, keep in mind to follow these guidelines outlined by fitness experts, strength trainers and professional sports coaches, on how best to take coffee, to power up your workout regimen.

Here’s How To Incorporate Coffee Into Your Pre-Workout Meal:

How Much Of It To Take:

The maximum recommended daily intake of coffee is 400 mg. So make sure to measure out only 100-200mg of coffee powder in one cup of milk and consume it with foods high in proteins, dietary fibres, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Also, restrict coffee intake to only one or two cups during the day.

When To Take It:

Once the caffeine in coffee enters the body, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, with its stimulant activity peaking after about 60 minutes. Hence, the best time to drink coffee is 45 minutes to one hour before the start of a gym workout or sport, to gain maximum vigour to propel a gruelling training session.

How To Take It:

It is ideal to sip on a rejuvenating cup of coffee with milk and sugar, along with solid foods. Do not have coffee alone and then go for a workout an hour later, as this will drain you of all your energy very soon. A pre-workout meal with required portions of eggs, toast, butter, blueberries and bananas, accompanied with a cup of coffee, will vastly increase vitality and endurance.


Drinking coffee either before a strenuous session at the gym, or prior to training for a competitive sport, is indeed a remarkable source of energy, due to its high caffeine content. However, be cautious not to have too many cups of coffee in a day.

Take it with a balanced, nutritious, protein-rich meal at least an hour before your workout, to reap the amazing benefits it offers, for enhanced fitness and overall health.