Is upper abdominal pain dangerous?

Pain in the upper abdomen should be considered in combination with other symptoms. The symptom itself in the form of pain in the upper abdomen can include a lot of reasons – some may be serious, and some are not serious. So let’s look at the most common causes of this pain and compare it with what you have.

Digestive problems

One of the most common causes of such pains is a digestive problem associated with stomach pain. It can be chronic pain, which then decreases and increases. In this case, it is extremely important to consult a doctor. It can also be a stomach ulcer, heartburn, or something more serious.

As for the sudden pain associated with the stomach, it can be the result of overeating, or eating spicy food, or simply indigestion. If you know the cause of this pain in the upper abdomen – that is, you know that the food is” to blame”, then you should just wait and the pain will pass.


If you have pain not only in the upper abdomen, but also in the chest area, then there is a chance of lung disease. We are talking about pleurisy, pneumonia and similar diseases. Of course, the harbinger of such diseases are problems with breathing. Therefore, the added pain in the lower part of the chest should be clear to you.


To be more precise, it is a heart attack. In this case, due to necrosis of the posterior wall of the heart muscle, the pain will remain in the upper abdomen.

Possible pathologies of the spleen

The spleen is located on the left under the ribs. Very often, the pain in upper abdomen under ribs or between the lower ribs on the left is caused by spleen disease. The pain is more accentuated, sometimes acute. Treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor. As in the case of internal organ disease, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor.


Pregnancy also causes pain under the sternum, in the upper abdomen. This pain is similar to stomach pain, but, of course, it does not go away after eating. This is normal. You have to learn to live with this discomfort. Sometimes it is enough to relax, to rest, so that the peak of pain has passed and you feel better. In addition, when the fetus grows in the womb, the displacement of the organ also causes some pain in the upper abdomen.


As we have already noted, if you find a detailed pain, you should consult a doctor and undergo a full diagnosis. This will allow you to quickly and easily deal with the disease, rather than with the disease in a neglected state.