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Conversely, an anatomical implant gives more volume to the lower breast, to give a pear-shaped or teardrop-like appearance. We are getting closer to the natural shape of the breast: the volume is concentrated in the lower part of the prosthesis while the top is more tapered. The neckline is therefore less pronounced but as we can act on three levels it is possible to find interesting compromises. As with round prostheses, the projection will allow the cap to be adjusted, but this time the surgeon can act on the height and width of the implant. It is the mix between these three values ​​that will give the desired final appearance.

The Matter of Implant

The higher the implant, the steeper the slope of the breast while, conversely, the lower the implant, the more the appearance will become domed. With this anatomical model, the curve of the breast is in all cases positioned on the lower part of the chest. They are often recommended for slim women or those with poorly formed breasts. Disadvantages: there is more risk of rotation and the scar is a little wider (although generally not very visible since it is located in the fold of the breast). But the choice of the envelope clearly reduces this risk as we will see in a minute. They are also slightly more expensive than round breast prostheses.

Expected result with an anatomical prosthesis

Here we approach the expected result with anatomically shaped prostheses. The volume is concentrated on the lower part of the chest with a gently sloping neckline less pronounced than with a round implant.

In conclusion there is not really a better form than the other. We rather consider that this or that shape will allow to reach such result, but that it is according to the anatomy of the patient, the current shape of her breasts and the desired volume that the round or anatomical shape will be more adapted. The majority of implants used in Sydney today are anatomically shaped, in particular because they correspond more to the wishes of patients today.

What content should you choose for your breast implants?

Two types of content are used even if in practice the vast majority of breast surgeons today recommend silicone gel. Authorized since 2001, it now represents the vast majority of breast enlargements. Make a visit to https://www.breastimplantssydney.com.au/ for the smartest results.

The silicone gel offers a fairly natural feel to the touch, close to an untouched breast. These implants are often composed of several successive layers for an optimum result. The soft silicone gel allows the chest to spread slightly downwards when you are standing, and horizontally when you are lying down. If a rupture occurs, the silicone gel, called cohesive, remains compact and does not flow into the body with the latest generation prostheses. On the other hand, it requires regular medical follow-up (approximately every 5 years) since only the radios will make it possible to verify that there is no rupture or leak of silicone: monitoring is therefore necessary to ensure that the prosthesis is still intact. Other advantages: the risks of wrinkles are less and their lifespan is at least 10 years (or more: the last generations would be more resistant but the retreat necessary for the average lifespan is not enough, so they are essentially forecasts).