Maca Root Supplement

Maca root is a part of the radish family, it is a plant grown in the mountains of Peru, and has been cultivated as an important vegetable in the past 3000 years because of its high nutritional value. Fondly called the “Peruvian ginseng”, its efficacy in boosting fertility, energy, sexual dysfunction and other ailments has proven time and again to be the goto alternative for natural living. Maca root is processed into powder, supplements, capsules, drink mixes, tinctures and gelatin and comes in a variant of colours; red, black, yellow and pink.

There have not been records of any serious side effects of taking maca root. Nevertheless, it should be taken with moderation.Some of the health benefits of maca root includes:

Sexual Dysfunction and Libido

One of the challenges most people experience concerning sexual dysfunction or libido is a low sex drive, maca powder has been known to improve sexual libido without increasing estrogen or testosterone level. Researchers administered 1500mg or 3000mg of maca and placebo respectively, results showed that those on Maca reported an improved sex life compared to those on the placebo.

Improved Fertility

Maca is used to improve fertility. A man’s fertility depends on his sperm count and the sperm’s motility. Maca helps in improving sperm count and motility in men. In women, maca helps to balance the stress hormones (estrogen and cortisol) making women benefit by an increased sex drive, reduced menopausal symptoms andregularized menstrual cycles, which in turn improves fertility. Maca root contains high levels of calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and sterols. Sterols are known to boost testosterone and block the production of estrogen.

Boost Energy Levels

Maca root helps in the reduction of fatigue and elevation of energy levels in the body.Regular users testify to the power of the root, saying that it makes them feel awake, energized, and motivated. Maca acts like a stimulant though it doesn’t contain any form of stimulants.The positive effect it has on our adrenal glands also helps in regulating our immune system, metabolism, blood pressure, and other functions alongside its high antioxidant content are some of the reasons why those who take it report an increased energy level.

Natural Remedy for Depression

Maca root has proven its potential in helping people with mild depression. Studies show the regular consumption of maca root helps reduce anxiety and mild depression. A 2015 study reports a significant decrease in depression levels in postmenopausal women and an improved blood pressure levels after regularly using maca for 12 weeks.

Maintains Healthy Bones

Naturally, as we get older, it becomes more difficult to maintain our bone’s density. You find older people plagued by bone related diseases. Maca, which is an excellent source of calcium, keeps the bones stronger regardless of ageing. Healthy bones isn’t for adults only, making effort to maintain your bone density lowers the risk of broken bones, and keeps the bone strong to protect your organs and soft tissues.

Final Words

The beauty of using maca root is that it has no serious side effects; this makes it an excellent treatment alternative. However, it is often advisable to speak with your healthcare provider first if you are considering using maca while on other medications.

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