Only Have Room for One Piece of Fitness Equipment? Here’s What You Should Purchase

Not everyone has enough room in their living space to set up an entire fitness center or move in a giant Bowflex machine that handles all of your workout types. Some people live in a small apartment where space is tight and options are limited for the type of equipment they can have inside.

If that’s the case, you then have to make a tough decision to make the most out of the space you do have (and the budget you have) and pick a piece of equipment that can last a long time, help you reach your fitness goals, and not be a nuisance.

There are so many pieces of fitness equipment on the market today that making this decision can be completely overwhelming! Do you focus on getting something for weights and do your cardio outside? Well, you don’t want to be running outside in the dead of winter! Do you get a cardio machine and use small hand weights? Well, you might not be able to get enough weight to reach your goals.

You simply cannot win!

Well, I have fallen in love with a machine this year that seems to do everything for me, and it can easily fit into my small apartment!

The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that is growing in popularity all of the time.

It’s an enjoyable workout that allows you to workout just about every single muscle in your body. The rowing machine is the ultimate full-body workout machine. You will notice it in your arms, your legs, your abdomen, your upper body, and everywhere in between. Just jump on and start ‘rowing’.

At first, you’ll want to start slow and not spend too much time on the machine. You’ll definitely be sore after the first few workouts on it, but it’ll get easier and more enjoyable after a few times.

Eventually, you’ll be ‘rowing’ for long periods of time and you’ll start to see the benefits such a machine provides.

The rowing machine is good for weight loss, building muscle, helping with flexibility in your joints, and keeping you limber. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what condition your body is, everyone can sit at a rowing machine and make some progress.

Rowing machines are quite affordable these days considering how expensive they were a few years ago, and there’s plenty of options on the market. If space is tight, then find a rowing machine that can fold up into a corner or closet, and make sure the sizing is right for you.

Bottom Line: You’ll Love the Rowing Machine

I’ve become a huge advocate for the rowing machine over the last number of months because it checks off so many boxes for the average person, like myself. It’s enjoyable, effective, easy to do, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

What makes the rowing machine even better? The fact that you can jump in an actual boat and be able to jump into action. You’ll soon be working out on the water after you become an expert on the rowing machine.