Pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics

Many dentists wish to pursue a specialization in orthodontics with an orthodontics course. The concepts and implementation of the practice-oriented course allow the participants to choose the duration of study that is suitable for their practice. It covers the best and the latest orthodontic treatment mechanics including orthodontic mini-implants (TADs) and self-ligating brackets. Designed in a student-oriented manner, these courses enable the students to understand the basics and confidently incorporate orthodontic techniques in their general practice. Some of these courses offer distance learning mode for the participants to learn orthodontics from their homes.

Can I pursue the course?

Yes, of course! Of the various orthodontics courses, you only need to select the course that best suits you and pay the fee for the course. The institute will provide you with the manual, typodont, practice videos, and other basic instruments. You will learn just enough theory and practical techniques for use in routine cases at your clinic. The practice kit comprising of basic instruments will help you to practice on the typodont the various methods of treating the cases. You can discuss cases with the faculty of the institute.

Is this course the right thing for me?

The orthodontic diploma course allows you to study orthodontics in depth. The course includes participants from all over the world who wish to learn orthodontics and specialize in the techniques to better treat their patients. Whether you reside at a distant corner of the Earth or in a metropolitan city, orthodontics education is now available for all through these courses. You can learn everything related to orthodontics, right from the basics to the latest advancements in the field of orthodontics. They are very ideal for a busy practitioner who wishes to expand horizons and earn specialization.

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this comprehensive program of diploma in orthodontics is to teach diagnosis and treatment planning of the different orthodontic cases to the general dentists. The program emphasizes thorough records and diagnosis. It teaches all types of orthodontic treatments and advanced techniques for the same. The program enhances the skills of the dentists with accuracy in the treatments they do for even the most complex cases. It aims at imparting immense knowledge to the participants and the way they should use this knowledge in their practice for treating patients appropriately.

Course details

There are many institutions offering the course and you can choose any one of these institutes that best match your requirements. The postgraduate diploma in orthodontics covers topics like growth & development, biomechanics, diagnosis of the distinct orthodontic problems, apt treatment planning for every case, treatment mechanics of various treatments, and functional orthodontics. It also includes the theory and practice of some other orthodontic treatments like wire-bending, mini implants in orthodontics, cephalometrics in detail, self-ligation in orthodontics, and realistic treatment philosophy.

The institutions conduct hands-on sessions for the participants that teach them extensive training in any technique of the participants’ choice. They also carry out extensive case discussions to guide the participants for proper treatment and skillful work.