Phases and Benefits of Liposuction Procedure in Orange County

People these days are obsessed with the way they look. The physical appearance matters to a great extent for some people. According to psychology, attractive people get more advantages and are sought after more than less attractive folks. Studies suggests that attractive ones earn 5% more than their peers who are average looking. Cosmetic surgery is a trending procedure among people who wants to change the way they look. Liposuction is one type of such surgery. It improves and elevates one’s body image. It is quite common in the United States. Liposuction in Orange County has skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in the said field. The procedure of the surgery is well explained beforehand to the client. The whole procedure of cosmetic surgery can be briefly explained in the following phases for a clear idea.

PHASE 1: The procedure is explained by the doctor and including the expected results. A consent form is signed to take permission before the surgery. Doubts can be cleared if any. The doctor notes down the medical history, allergies and few tests might be done. Specific instructions are given prior to the surgery.

PHASE 2: The procedure is done in any authorized outpatient facility starting with a local anaesthesia. The area of the body to be operated is photographed and marked distinctly. After proper monitor of blood pressure, rate of respiration, oxygen level etc. an incision is done. Fatty deposits from the body is suctioned according to needs of the patient which was already discussed prior to the operation. In some cases, for a faster process laser technology is also used.

PHASE 3: After recovering from anaesthesia, fluids are allowed to swallow. A compression garment might be used in the operated area. Post-surgery instructions must be followed for better recovery and desired results. If any bleeding or swelling is observed, the doctor must me informed immediately.

If the proper guidelines are followed by the patient both before and after the procedure, positive results are expected as desired. In few cases, it might take months to get the final results. Although the patient can go back to normal life and activities after a few days with proper doctor consultation. Liposuction in Orange Country is quote popular among both men and women. In women, it is beneficial in areas of the body like the abdomen, hips, thighs and back. In men these surgeries acre most common in waists, neck and chest. Cosmetic surgery has many benefits, like:

  • Removal of excess fat
  • Permanent removal of the fat
  • Surgery marks are very tiny and hidden
  • Multiple areas in one visit
  • No age-limit
  • Alters the body shape
  • Reduces swelling due to edema

Like all other surgeries, liposuction can also have a few side effects. These might include bruising, sensation of skin may change, infection to name some. The recovery depends on factors such as the procedure that was used and reactions to medicines. Some people might gain weight in other areas of the body excluding the area operated. A person who has undergone a cosmetic surgery must maintain a healthy lifestyle to get the results as expected.