Posture Corrector with Posture Lab

Let’s face it, if you’re like most people, you probably spend the majority of your time behind a desk at work hunched over with your shoulders pulled forward because you can’t reach your keyboard properly. Or even if you can, you probably don’t take any notice of your posture and positioning of your shoulders and back. This is only too natural for all of us and we become accustomed to the position and think nothing of it. 

By the time we finish work, we head home and then we start to notice some pain in and around the upper back, neck and shoulders, then make a measly attempt to pull our shoulder blades back to address the problem. You’re all too aware that your posture needs some work…

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a bad posture, and many of us fall victim to it. Hunching, slouching and bending your spine can certainly have an impact physically, but there can also be knock on effects. A bad posture can result in an imbalance in muscles, weak muscles, or even tightness and pain. Not only that, it can lead to degenerative joints and discs, serious injuries and potentially osteoarthritis.  

So what can we do to help our long term health from the above? Well lucky enough, there are exercise, along with aids, which can help us rectify our (back) wrongs. This is where a posture corrector can help you long term. It must be noted, posture correctors are not to be used as the only solution, they are there to help you better your habits. 

There are many types of posture correctors – some are physical correctors, like the brace which can manually hold your shoulders and back in alignment. There are even apps available which can send you a reminder to stop slouching, it’s a simple as that. Although this method relies on you to do the work. 

The posture corrector, it must be remembered, isn’t a magic wand, but they can certainly help you every day to remember to find your best posture and even hold your body in place. It can help create awareness and muscle memory, which used with a strengthening program, can really help your posture long term. As mentioned previously, this can result in increased health benefits. 

On the flip side, if you were to rely on the posture corrector alone, your muscles may become dependent on it, which could result in a weakening of muscles, thus having a negative effect. It is of most importance to ensure that you stick to the guidelines of the posture corrector. This highlights the importance of using the posture corrector in shorter periods in conjunction with an exercise program to create strength and better habits. 

Posture Lab is an Australian based posture corrector company who specialise in one product. They have a posture corrector which is a moulded upper back brace. This type of brace offers a padded section that sits in the middle of your back between the should blades, for comfort. This is highly adjustable with Velcro straps on the front, so you can control the amount of pull you want. This means it is highly flexible and offers firmer support. This type of design will automatically pull your should blades back, and while this may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, over time it will become much more natural. Over time your brain will associate this will a good or “correct” posture and you will naturally be inclined to pull your shoulders back and sit up straight. 

One downside to the posture corrector is that it can be seen as slightly bulky. Depending on the clothing you wear, it might be visible, or it could make you look a little larger than you would like, however, as the posture corrector doesn’t need to be worn all day every day, this device is perfect for wearing at home for shorter intervals. 

It’s not just at home wear the posture corrector can be effective, you can actually wear this anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re in the office working all day, out in public going for a walk, or even at home cooking your dinner, the great thing is, there really is no limit to wear you can use the device. 

But how long should you wear the posture corrector? This all depends on the individual and a few factors. Those who have a noticeable posture issue may struggle to wear the device for thirty minutes and could experience slight aching on discomfort due to a sudden change. 

Having said that, posture correctors are more effective the more they are worn. Initially, you could aim to wear for thirty minutes, but should discomfort occur, remove immediately. When you wear it again, look to reduce the time to a more suitable amount. Over time, as you posture becomes more natural, look to reduce the time. 

So why Posture Lab? As mentioned previously, they are an Australian based company. They take pride in their products and all orders are thoroughly inspected before being sent out to ensure 100% on all products. They offer free standard shipping within Australia, with all orders coming with a tracking number. Should you not be happy with your device, they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, which simply means you can return the corrector in this time and receive your money back, hassle-free. This is subject to terms and conditions, as should there be any damage to the posture corrector, a refund may not be provided. The price is very competitive too – at only $38.99 AUD, you really won’t be breaking the bank to get your posture on the right track. 

They offer a range of different payment options, such as credit card, Paypal, Afterpay (buy now pay later) and HUMM (buy now and pay in slices). 

Heard everything you need to hear, and ready to get your posture back to a natural state? Well head over to to order yours today. Your back will thank you for it long term ☺