Psychic Power – Why Many People Believe In It?

You probably heard of psychic ability; that supernatural gift or psychic power. It is a gift of mind. The ability to go beyond the physical world the interest in the supernatural started since the beginning of the human era. The principle of psychic ability is the reality that there is more than meets the physical eye. 

When talking about psychic abilities, the first notion of many people is the sixth sense. It follows a psychic medium; a person who can communicate with the deceased. In the real sense of psychic power, a psychic is someone who gets information from spirit guides. If you are interested in the different psychic abilities list, below are some of them:

  • Clairvoyance/seeing clear 

A psychic can physically and mentally see images, objects, spirits, and entities that are not usually seen using naked eyes. 

  • Clairaudience/clear hearing 

It is the ability to hear the voice of spirits or entities. It also pertains to the ability to hear a recording of conversation or event that already took place or about to take place in the future. 

  • Clairsentience/Clear sensing 

A person who has a psychic ability can feel or sense a particular event that is going to happen in the near future. He also has the ability to sense a specific type of communication from an entity or spirit. 

  • Clairgustance/clear taste 

It pertains to the sense of taste. Someone with psychic ability can taste something that is deeply connected to the energy of a person or a specific event. Some haves the ability to taste certain things connected to the spirit they are trying to get in touch with. 

  • Clairalience/clear smelling 

It is somewhat similar to clear tasting. A psychic usually possess both the ability to sense smell and taste.