Signs You May Require Root Canal

You may laugh at jokes about root canals, but the pain associated with an infected tooth is never funny. Pain is often a symptom of a damaged or infected surrounding tissue or tooth nerve. Bacteria invade the pulp and result in unbearable pain. Unfortunately, the pain can lead to bone loss, swelling and abscesses if left untreated for a long time. You may buy antibiotics to treat the infection, but you probably require a root canal procedure in the long run. Root canal therapy is vital in saving teeth because it prevents teeth extraction. It’s sometimes hard to know when you need a root canal treatment unless you visit a dentist. That’s why it’s advisable to visit your dentist often for a check-up and early diagnosis. Look out for these signs that you need a root canal and visit your dentist right away.

Broken Tooth

The nerves below your tooth surface get exposed when your teeth crack or chip. Ultimately, your tooth gets infected. If the infection is not treated early enough, you may require a root canal treatment to prevent further toothache and infection. It’s best to visit a dentist when your tooth breaks so that you get treated right away.

Deep Decay

A cavity that is left untreated for a long time spreads to the nerves and the tooth root. Brushing and flossing will not solve the problem at this time. The only way is to visit a cosmetic dentist for treatment. You may require cosmetic dentistry coral springs to save your tooth.

Tooth Sensitivity

The other sign you require root canal is prolonged teeth sensitivity. There is a problem if your toothaches when you drink or eat something cold or hot. Cold drinks and foods result in unbearable pain when your tooth is infected. That’s why you need to visit your dentist for treatment.

You should visit a cosmetic dentist if you have these signs. Don’t postpone root canal treatment to prevent the spread of the infection. Regular dental visits are vital in preventing tooth decay and disease.